Years Ago

"Why should antitrust laws be used to block mergers that the market, by the existence of willing buyers and sellers, shows to be desirable?"

-Henry G. Manne, "In Defense of the Corporate Coup"

"A string of presidents and congresses have shown their compassion for America's aged (and, incidentally, for their own incumbency) by creating an actuarially unfunded debt of $6 trillion, give or take a trillion. Pundits now learnedly debate whether the system will go belly-up before 1990 or expire in a sea of red ink early in the 21st century."

-Loren E. Lomasky, "Buying Out of Social Security"

"The effect of regulation is to politicize an industry and to move prices away from costs. The politically strong get their charges reduced at the expense of higher costs or worse service for others."

-Peter Samuel, "Rerailing the Regulators"

-January 1984

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