Friday Funnies

Obama's transportation czar in action

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  • Suki||

    My God, this is Loder worthless and awful. Why don't you to go beat off each other to death?

    Good morning reason!

  • ||

    You first, you dumb fuck.

  • ||

    Hey you to, play nice.

  • A Blog of Their Own||

    Nice? There's no nice. There's no nice in anarchy!

  • Terr||

    No roads either.

  • Knee Jerk||


  • BeltwayLurker||

    Well played.

  • pancakes||

    you are the meanest real doll ever; you're worse than chucky.

  • Zeke||

    Congratulations, that was funnier than the comic.

  • ||

    Is Payne trying to get into the New Yorker?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Why is Emo Phillips driving J. Edgar Hoover around?

  • MNG||

    Holy crap that was funny, well done FOE.

  • ||


  • ||


    + 1 win against Philthy

    Speaking of, how about that TeeKay? They grow up so fast.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Sidney who?

  • Dept O||

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    On so many levels.

  • Bucky||

    picture the set of "the view" with Barry sitting in Whoopi's place with a bad Whoopi wig. He is explaining to rest of the panel... wait for it...
    "It's not war-war."

  • Rock Action ||

    When this thread is long gone from our consciousness, and some random dude comes across this, he will know that I thought this might be the funniest thing I've ever read here.

  • a penny a day keep Obama away||

    Cartoon: moderately funny

    Ray The Hood: very funny

  • ArghParty2000||

    I really don't get it. Not this comic, the fact that this comic exists.

    I've never cracked more than a partial smile. Has anyone? It's awful. Truly awful. How can someone with such poor performance keep their job?

  • Mr. Original||

    Nobody has ever mentioned that. Kudos.

  • Barack Obama||

    How can someone with such poor performance keep their job?

    I know, right?

  • Quakdaffy||

    Should I stay or should I go!

  • Spoonman.||


  • DNS||

    I can't tell if that is supposed to be a hat or if La Hood has a banana for a brain. Dreadfully Payne-ful.

  • MNG||

    Only slightly less funny than Mary Worth.

  • ||

    When has Mary Worth ever mocked Emo Phillips or J. Edgar Hoover?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Let's call it a tribute.

  • ||

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Political Cross-dresser goes to . . .

  • Dept O||

    Mary Worth is a cross dresser?! Man, I gotta order some back issues.

  • Jo[h]nny L[o]ngtors[o]||

    This isn't even as funny as a Balko Friday nutpunch.

  • Vermont Gun Owner||

    People getting hit in the nuts is always funny, unless it's you.

  • ||

    I know, right ?

  • ||

    I know, right ?

  • Ska||

    First cartoon showing LaHood's O-face?

  • The Fringe Economist||

    haha gross...

  • cmace||

    These are are editorial cartoons not comics.

    They're supposed to be thought provoking, not funny. Although they fail there too.

  • Reformed Republican||

    It is called the "Friday Funnies" not the "Friday Though Provokings."

    It is a failure, either way.

  • Bucky||

    Friday Mockings?

  • D-oh||

    Friday Fockings...?

  • ||

    Mr. Payne,

    Is your depiction of Morgan Freeman unflattering because of your incompetence as an artist or because of your subconscious racial bias?

    Good dayt sir,

    A Concerned Reader(not Morgan Freeman)

  • ||

    I got to make water.

  • ||

    So is this cartoon saying that doing all these things does not impair one's ability to drive? Because studies seem to say the opposite...if it takes government intervention to get the bimbo behind me to get off her cell phone, so be it.

  • Ska||

    If the person she was talking to on the phone was sitting in the passenger seat, however, it wouldn't be a problem. So it's the actual holding of the phone next to the head that must be so distracting.

  • ||

    I'm pretty high right now, and for some reason I found this hilarious.

  • botoxporcupine||

    You can all go fuck yourselves. This was a (rare) victory for Friday Funnies.

  • Lettermeme||

    Where's the joke in Ayn Rand driving a taxi?

  • Almanian||

    It's not funny, even at 1:13 eastern (by my clock)

  • Almanian||

    Wow - I'm in the future by SIX MINUTES! That's cool! Not very useful...but COOL!

  • Paul||

    I'm more kind to friday funnies than most, but this has no humor at all because it's exactly what LaHood wants. There's nothing funny about it.

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