Quotes and Sources


"If it's your job to hunt Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, then it's your job to know that they don't hang out with Jewish lesbians in San Francisco."

-- California peace activist Kate Rafael's response to an FBI agent seeking information about Muslim men, as reported May 15 by CBS News

"We at The Sun used poor judgment in deciding to run The Associated Press story Saturday about Navy sailors and exhausted prostitutes in Australia....Considering the hurt it has caused among the Navy families that are our readers, we can't satisfactorily answer the question: What purpose did it serve?"

-- Scott Ware, editor of the Bremerton, Washington Sun, on May 12


"Woe to those who make unjust laws," reads Isaiah 10:1�2. "Do not accuse a man for no reason -- when he has done you no harm," bids Proverbs 3:29�30. Those scriptural quotations and others have been culled by the true believers at www. christiansforcannabis.com, a Web site devoted to "educat[ing] the Christian community concerning the scriptural invalidity of the war on drugs."

For those who'd like to peruse the Good Book in its entirety, it can be downloaded -- along with 8,000 other works -- from the virtual library at www. blackmask.com.

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