The September deaths of Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm after an armed standoff at the Rainbow Farm campground in Vandalia, Michigan, will not be soon forgotten by those who knew the men. Nor by those who know them only as the latest tragic casualties in a brutal, tyrannical drug war.

Visit the Web site, and you'll be met by a photo of the two smiling jovially, posed in front of a technicolor tractor. One wears tie-dye, the other a silly hat. It's deeply depressing to imagine the relentless harassment and threats that ended with the two burning Crosslin's property, shooting at aircraft, cocking guns at federal officers, and finally being gunned down.

The site now functions as a memorial and a call for donations. Crosslin's family needs money to defend the farm in civil forfeiture proceedings, and to pursue a wrongful death suit against the FBI.

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