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LAPD Chief: Officers Violated Policy in Dorner-Related Shooting of Women in Truck

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has found that eight officers who opened fire on two women in a pickup truck during a search for Christopher Dorner violated the department’s policy on using deadly force, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.

Beck will meet Tuesday with the Police Commission, which oversees the LAPD and has the final word on police shootings, to share his finding. The commission will then vote on whether it agrees the officers violated LAPD policy. It will then be up to Beck to decide how to discipline the officers, if at all.

Beck, who declined to comment, made his finding after a lengthy internal investigation into the shooting in February 2013. Investigators found the officers fired more than 100 times at the truck.

For months, police officials have been deliberating whether the officers’ mistakes were reasonable in light of the extreme circumstances that led to the incident.

Source: LA Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • fish||

    It will then be up to Beck to decide how to discipline the officers, if at all.

    Sounds like a few of the boys can start planning that sport fishing vacation.....

  • Mr.Krinkle||

    A police officer's life is worth more than a civilian's life, right? I mean, how else do we explain 100 bullets shot towards an ambiguous target in a residential area?

  • Agile Cyborg||

    Special-needs children in Tar Creek are even more advanced than adult dimwits who take months to determine whether or not a hail of bullets shot at innocents is wrong.