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Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries Raided by State Police

Police with search warrants raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in Springfield Wednesday, alleging they were violating Michigan law.

About 10:45 a.m. Michigan State Police troopers and undercover drug officers drove into the parking lot of The Karmacy at 4549 W. Dickman Road. At the same time officers went to the Southwest Compassion Care Center at 700 N. 20th St., and Happy Daze at 695 N. 20th St., both in Springfield. ...

At the Southwest Compassion Care Center, co-owner Michael Cain of Battle Creek said “we got raided. They came in and robbed us and took all of our money and all of our stuff. They just looted us.”

Cain, who said he has operated the business two years with partner Matt McMurtrie of Battle Creek, said “Police said they had made a buy. But everyone who comes in has a card.”

Source: Detroit Free Press. Read full article. (link)

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