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Sen. McCaskill: Company that Provided Snowden Background Check Under Investigation

A company that conducted a 2011 background investigation into Edward Snowden, the source of recent leaks about U.S. secret surveillance programs, is itself under investigation, Senator Claire McCaskill said on Thursday.

McCaskill identified the company as USIS, a Falls Church, Virginia-based company whose website says it specializes in providing information and security services to government agencies and commercial enterprises.

In her opening statement before a Senate homeland security subcommittee hearing, McCaskill said USIS is currently under investigation by the Office of Personnel Management's Inspector General based on allegations is systemically failed to adequately conduct investigations under its contract.

Source: Reuters. Read full article. (link)

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  • ant1sthenes||

    Yes, how dare they fail to accurately predict based on no evidence that he would be prompted by unforeseeable events in the future to break the law to reveal official lawbreaking and embarrass worthless pieces of shit like Claire McCaskill.