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Biden, Bloomberg Continue Gun Control Push

The drive for a tough federal gun control law has hit a political roadblock. But that's not silencing Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg.

The loquacious vice president and the outspoken New York mayor on Thursday touted the "importance of passing common sense legislation to reduce gun violence," including the need for a stiff background check system for all gun sales.

They joined families of those killed last December in the shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, to push for new rules. They spoke at New York City Hall as prospects for a ban on semi-automatic weapons styled after military assault weapons appeared to founder.

Source: CNN. Read full article. (link)

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  • fish||

    Bloomberg continues to push gun control. Old empty headed Joe nods alot, points at people while standing on stage, and offers people shotgunning tips like "racking the chamber on a double barreled shotgun to ward off possible intruders", or "shoot through the door".

    Good Ol Joe...better than an evening at the "Laugh Factory"!

  • Professional Target||

    A double-barrel pump 12 gauge is my close-quarters dream gun! Think Defense Distributed will print me one?

  • fish||

    Well when you get yours call me. I want to try it out!