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Man Accused of Killing Grandparents

Washington state authorities are looking for a man accused of killing his grandparents in Renton, Wash., just hours after getting out of prison.

A King County sheriff's sergeant says 26-year-old Michael "Chad" Boysen went to his grandparents' home after his release Friday. The bodies of the 82-year-old man and 80-year-old woman were found Saturday in their home. Their car, a red 2001 Chrysler 300, is missing.

There have been no reported sightings of the vehicle or tips about Boysen.

Source: AP. Read full article. (link)

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  • buybuydandavis||

    Ugh. Sounds like a real wackjob. Someone aiming to misbehave, and not so concerned about getting caught.

    This has "gunman in standoff with police" written all over it.