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Moving Companies Often Must Get Competitors' Permission To Operate

HARRISBURG, Pa. – In 2004, Maurice Underwood was just a man with a van.

When he made the decision to start his own moving company, Underwood was running an established small business in Reno, Nev., providing home cleaning services.  A moving business was a natural next step, he thought, after he noticed several of his clients inquiring about moving services.

A year later, the government came calling.

One of Underwood’s trucks was cited in 2005 for operating without a license – in the state, anyone can load or unload a truck, but special permission from the state government is required to drive a loaded truck from point A to point B.  He paid the fine and began the process of bringing his company, Man With A Van Moving, in compliance with the state law.

He soon learned that the only way to get a license in Nevada was to comply with a law requiring proof that his business would not “unreasonably and adversely” affect other companies by creating additional competition.

Source: Watchdog.org. Read full article. (link)

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