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Federal Reserve Officials Uneasy Over Stimulus

Federal Reserve policymakers late last month expressed explicit and detailed squeamishness over their monetary stimulus, which might be scaled back sooner than the Fed's own guidance suggests, according to minutes released Wednesday.

Policymakers generally agreed last month that the central bank's $85 billion in monthly bond purchases, or quantitative easing, have eased financial conditions and lifted the economy.

"However, many participants also expressed some concerns about potential costs and risks arising from further asset purchases," said the minutes from their Jan. 29-30 meeting.

Source: Investors Business Daily. Read full article. (link)

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  • Libertarius||

    Read my fingertips: Bernanke opened Pandora's box in 2009; once you start monetizing debt you cannot stop without bringing the whole rotten structure of fiat debt down upon you. Bernanke could stop now, if he wanted to take the pain like we should have 5 years ago, but he and obozo don't want to take the pain or the blame, so they will keep their fiat debt monetization scam going as long as they can.

    The lefties who troll Reason are always going on about the superiority of paper and the "barbaric relic" of gold, ignore these retarded losers; lefties build their lives and careers on the act of substituting their whims for reality, but reality cannot be cheated. Obozo, the fed gov, and Bernanke have created so much fiat debt that as soon as interest rates even begin to move up, the whole thing is game. over.