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Penn State Bars Will Not Sell Alcohol on Feb. 23

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – A town-gown partnership that for more than a decade has been united against high-risk drinking is employing new tactics to keep downtown State College alcohol-free on what has become known as "State Patty's Day."

An agreement has been reached with downtown State College taverns and restaurants to halt the sale of alcohol on Feb. 23, the date set for this year's State Patty’s Day, an event created by students six years ago. Establishments will still offer food and non-alcoholic drinks, maintaining downtown’s appeal for responsible visitors. 

H/T John Binns

Source: Penn State News. Read full article. (link)

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  • BBB||

    I live here in State College. The drinking and disorderly conduct are indeed an issue (there's nothing like random people vomiting on your lawn if you live near downtown), but prohibition hardly seems to be the solution. Worse, it's voluntary, so I'm waiting for that one bar to make a killing selling the juice to the willing.

    It's also bothersome that university students, if caught violating public intoxication laws, will not only face the statutory penalties but will also be referred to the Penn State Office of Student Conduct. Talk about double jeopardy without Alex Trebek.

    I don't understand why there's not simply a cop on every block, with a paddy wagon for those offenders who need time to get sober. Enforce the existing laws rigorously, and call it a day when the bars close.

  • Bill Foster||

    I went to a university that shuts down 3 days for St. Patrick's day. People get drunk, people get stupid.

    So what? If you need stopped you get stopped, but for what you don't get stopped for, it becomes apparent that if you get stopped, you really did need it.

    I see that as fair. This is bullshit. Let people screw up before getting cut off.