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Police Department Sued Over Illegal Raid

A lawsuit against the village of Schaumburg claims that two police officers recently accused of corruption improperly raided a man's home as part of a pattern of illegal conduct allowed by the department.

The man who filed the suit, Kelley Altom, contends that police trumped up evidence against him in order to secure a warrant for an illegal search of his home. Altom, 41, was charged with felony possession and production of marijuana as a result of the 2011 raid, but the charges were later dropped.

The suit stems from the criminal case announced Jan. 17 against Schaumburg officers Terrance O'Brien, Matthew Hudak and John Cichy, who have since resigned. They were charged with conspiracy to steal drugs and money from drug dealers numerous times while on duty.

(H/T LTC(ret) John)

Source: Chicago Tribune. Read full article. (link)

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