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Illinois Pension Reform Appears Dead

Gov. Pat Quinn today urged lawmakers to redouble their efforts and do something to solve the state's pension-funding crisis.

But at an appearance at the state Capitol this morning, Mr. Quinn did not specifically ask senators and representatives to vote on any particular bill. And, with time running out before tonight's end-of-session deadline, the General Assembly remains bitterly divided on what, if anything, to do.

As he has in the past, Mr. Quinn in comments to reporters stressed the importance to the state's economy of doing something to shore up pension funds that now collectively are nearly $100 billion short of the assets they'll need to pay promised benefits.

Source: Chicago Business. Read full article. (link)

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  • Sarah Conner||

    Don't do anything. Someone else will come along and solve all your problems. It's probably someone else's job to worry about it anyway.