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Teachers Who Had Sex With 17 Year-Old Given Probation

A married couple -- both Orange County teachers --  were sentenced to probation Thursday for having group sex with a 17-year-old student who prosecutors said the teachers plied with alcohol.

Gay Davidson-Shepard, 60, and Daniel Alma Shepard, 63, pleaded guilty in August to various felony counts related to having a sexual relationship with a minor.

Davidson-Shepard was sentenced to three years formal probation with a four-year-jail sentence stayed, and her husband was sentenced to three years formal probation with a two-year jail sentence stayed, according to a statement from the Orange County district attorney's office.

Source: LA Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • Brendan||

    On one hand, it sounds like or both of them were living the dream. On another hand, ewww! Think of all the 17 year olds you knew, knew of, might have wanted to know, and then imagine any of them having sex with a 60 year old couple.