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Feds Urged To Release Innocent Prisoners Held in North Carolina

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts--together with the national ACLU and the ACLU of North Carolina--is calling upon the U.S. Department of Justice to stop "prolonging the incarceration" of innocent and wrongfully sentenced inmates convicted of federal crimes in North Carolina.

Under United States v. Simmons, an August 2011 federal appellate decision argued by ACLU of Massachusetts legal director Matthew Segal, these inmates are indisputably imprisoned based on wrongful convictions or sentences. Yet, as explained in a letter to the Justice Department earlier this month, the Justice Department is still delaying or actively opposing release or resentencing for these inmates.

Source: ACLU. Read full article. (link)

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  • croaker||

    Start suing the feds for wrongful imprisonment.

    $100K per day per prisoner, payable to the prisoner, starting 72 hours after US v Simmons was published.