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Californians Support Prop 36

In 1996, Shane Taylor, a 27-year-old prep cook and married father, was arrested in California's Tulare County for possession of $5 worth of methamphetamine. If charged as a felony—as it was in this case—such an offense carries a minimum sentence of 16 months in prison. But Taylor had been convicted twice in the late '80s on felony burglary charges, so his petty meth possession earned him a life term under the state's "three strikes" law.  

Source: Mother Jones. Read full article. (link)

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  • Marshall Gill||

    Classic! Clearly this guy isn't a meth head. His conviction for robbery, TWICE, is proof that he is no threat to anyone?!

    Nothing like Salon and Reason being in agreement. It is a shame that Reason can't find any Libertarians to write for them but only David Weigels in disguise.