• "Reason is a brilliant magazine, written and edited by brilliant people. And I am not saying that only because they agree with me."
    Dave Barry
  • "The Redbook of the libertarian political movement."
    Joe Donatelli, Scripps-Howard News Service
  • "Reason grabs the future and puts it in your hands."
    Rick Jensen, Talk Show Host (The Rick Jensen Show), WDEL Radio
  • "This magazine does everything well: culture, politics, religion, philosophy, and while other mags redesign to simplify and commercialize, Reason's redesign actually made it better."
    Chicago Tribune
  • "Reason is dictating the libertarian spin, emphasizing choice as the key difference between libertarians and control freaks."
    Cynthia Cotts, Village Voice
  • "The libertarian monthly Reason is one of the few publications that have the guts right now to criticize the repression impulse that has coursed through the country since Sept. 11."
    Richard Reeves, author and syndicated columnist
  • "It's not often that those on opposite sides of the political divide find themselves seeing eye to eye, but one thing they're usually able to agree about is Reason magazine. They don't much like it."
    Media Life
  • "Reason, unlike most wonky journals of opinion, does not preach mainly to the converted. Its voice, always clear and unacademic, is distinguished by rigorous and exhaustive logical argument…It's a rare thing to have one's mind changed by a magazine (or by anything, as a matter of fact) but I find this often happens with Reason."
    Media Week
  • "You want a good magazine? Reason magazine… It's a magazine for libertarians. It's a magazine for everybody. It's a magazine for the world. Reason magazine: A good, good magazine."
    Rush Limbaugh
  • "[Reason is] one of my all-time favorite, favorite, favorite magazines."
    Catherine Crier, Court TV
  • "Reason has elbowed its way into The Discussion"
    Columbia Journalism Review
  • "Just when you thought magazines had gone soft, along comes Reason every month with guts, brains and excitement. I can't live without it."
    James K. Glassman, national columnist
  • "I really enjoy Reason."
    Dave Barry, syndicated columnist
  • "I get more out of reading the libertarian magazine Reason than I do out of many 'movement' journals."
    Christopher Hitchens
  • "I would suggest that you get a hold of a copy of Reason….I am going to insist that our program get a subscription and add it to the many things that I read."
    G. Gordon Liddy
  • "Reason is a principled, passionate defender of free speech and the rights of individuals against government excesses, a valued ally and provocative adversary. We certainly don't see eye-to-eye on every issue, but I always find Reason worth reading. Even when it's infuriating, it makes me think."
    Nadine Strossen,  American Civil Liberties Union
  • "Reason magazine…makes the best case for practical libertarianism. Well-written and -researched articles delve into the specifics of economics and politics, offering alternatives and critiques."
    The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
  • "This lively and peripatetic magazine has earned the right to be taken seriously. You never know when one of its concerns is going to turn up in the mainstream press."
    David Warsh, Boston Globe
  • "I highly recommend [Reason.] You'll be informed and entertained at the same time."
    Kirby Wilbur, Seattle's KVI-570
  • "Reason is the most provocative journal of ideas in America today. Not content to report on politics or to cheer for partisans, Reason's writers and editors are waging an incessant battle of principle that is winning ever more supports and subscribers. Most public policy writing borders on the depressing. Reason gives me reason to cheer!"
    Congressman Christoper Cox (R-Ca)
  • "Your adamant, eloquent defenses of free market economics have proved invaluable in the fight against an ever-expanding American government."
    Rep. Dick Armey
  • "Thank goodness for Reason…one sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."
    John Stossel, Fox Business Channel
  • "Reason magazine has been like a breath of intellectual fresh air in a polluted atmosphere."
    Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate in economics
  • "Stimulating stuff from first-rate minds that understand that you can't create prosperity without freedom!"
    Steve Forbes
  • "Reason magazine keeps cranking out stimulating stories."
    Bob Sipchen, Los Angeles Times
  • "Invariably first to spot a new idea, ferret out the new issues, and cast a skeptical eye on the conventional wisdom, Reason is the one magazine I read immediately and file for the future."
    Gregory Benford, astrophysicist and science fiction author
  • "When it comes to examining America's war on drugs, there's no magazine, newspaper, or journal that does it so well, and so consistently, as Reason."
    Ethan Nadelmann, drug policy scholar
  • "Reason is my favorite and only periodical on political and current events. It pierces through the non-rational dogma of both the Left and the Right to provide insight based on fact and reason. A must read."
    T.J. Rodgers, CEO and president, Cypress Semiconductor
  • "Reason is one of the few truly original magazines in the country. You don't have to agree with everything in it to find insights and information that will inform and even startle you."
    Joel Kotkin, author, Tribes
  • "The O.J. verdict…breast implant lawyers…subsidized illegitimacy…a national debt in the trillions. In these irrational times, we need Reason more than ever."
    Peter Huber, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
  • "To understand where America will be in ten years, read Reason today."
    Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform
  • "Reason has excellent discussions of economic, political, and social issues. It does not simply assume the case for free markets and free choice, but persuades readers with careful analysis."
    Gary S. Becker, Nobel laureate in economics
  • "Reason's longstanding advocacy of 'Free Minds & Free Markets" has been a source of inspiration to those of us battling against the encroachment of government upon individual freedom and taxpayers' money."
    William F. Weld, former Governor