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the lying liberal jurors and new york state democrats will twist his words to convict him for lying under oath just like they did with Michael Flynn


Any conviction obtained at the so-called "trial" of former President Donald Trump's alleged alteration of financial records will be reversed on appeal, if necessary by the U.S. Supreme Court, because altering financial records is only a crime in New York if you do it to conceal some other crime. Paying Stormy Daniels money is NOT a crime. The purpose of this whole case was just to give Daniels a megaphone to blast her allegations into nationwide. It is an outrage that the District Attorney brought this case and that the judge did not declare a mistrial.

The one thing that could really cause this case to destroy Donald Trump is if he testifies truthfully at this Kangaroo Court trial. Lying liberal District Attorneys, liberal Democrat jurors, and the judge will give Donald Trump the "Michael Flynn treatment."  Michael Flynn was Donald Trump's first National Security Advisor who gave a truthful deposition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he was then indicted and kicked out of the White House for it. And that is exactly what will happen to Donald Trump if he testifies at this mockery of a trial. Trump should treat this trial as if it was a smutty street art presentation and say that it is beneath him to respond to such garbage.