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Holy Roman Empire + 1000 Years


A conversation with my father Vladimir (who coincidentally shares the name of both the Russian and Ukrainian leaders) reminded me of the opening stanza of the Soviet National Anthem:

Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
Да здравствует созданный волей народов
Единый, могучий Советский Союз!

An indestructible union of free republics,
Great Russia has joined forever.
Long live, created by the will of the peoples,
The united, mighty Soviet Union!

And that reminded me of the famous line that "the Holy Roman Empire was neither"; hard to think of a stanza that has a higher density of total falsehood, at least in its first three lines. (To be fair, the Soviet Union was indeed united and quite mighty for 70-odd years, though ultimately not mighty enough to endure beyond that.)

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  1. End all soverign immunity. Bounty and attack the rogue leadership of the aggressor. Put a price on the heads of the oligarchs, including the thug President. Send teams to visit them. Stop killing thousands of hepless, condused peasants and working people.

    To reach this state of rationality, we will have to decapitate the hierarchy of the scumbag lawyer profession that stands in the way of logic and of effectiveness. At this point, the lawyer scumbags will protect the thug heads of government and declare such a war plan illegal.

    Do the Russians have lawyer commissars of political correctness embeded down to the squad level, cancelling the orders of people with 4 stars on their lapels, and prosecuting their warriors for killing the enemy, as the US did? This vile profession caused us to be kicked out of 6 countries by Stone Age savages with $50 weapons, but only after spending $trillion. The toxic lawyer profession has 100% caused the long list of humiliating and costly defeats of our military since WWII.

    1. Comment off in the Neomi Rao post.

      Will she be reading the text of Article I Section 1 giving all law making power to the Congress, making judicial review and executive regulations void? If you want judicial review, enact an amendment, same for executive regulation. Until that amendment is enacted, Congress must approve all Supreme Court reviews, and the 10000 page Federal Register, or they are void.

      "All" is a first grade vocabulary word. It constrasts with "some" and with "none." First graders learn that. Not the toxic lawyer scumbag.

    2. Don't care much for lawyers, do you?

      1. I love the lawyers. There is no greater love than a love great enough to correct. If they could listen, yheir income would be 4 fold and their public esteem 10 fold. They would bring great value to society and deserve those.

    3. You could just as equally be talking about Washington DC

  2. Then there was the 1000-year Reich, which, thankfully, fell a bit short of projections.

    1. In 1939 the world was still full of wonder and people believed in magic and sorcery. Now America is the only country with a magical printing press that allows us to engage in asinine wars and slaughter innocents with no negative consequences. Russia has a budget based on energy exports and Putin must live within that budget.

  3. Went from preindustrial to nuclear superpower in 30 years.

    1. Makes you nostalgic, comrade.

      1. Just stating the facts.

        1. No, repeating a Communist myth.

    2. shilling for communist dictatorship, nice.

      Anyway there are plenty of noncommunist regimes that quickly industrialized. A backwards country eventually catching up technologically to the rest of the world is pretty much the rule unless you have a truly incompetent government. Anywhere you have regimes you can directly compare in this sense North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Taiwan/Hong Kong, having a Communist regime clear seems to slow down the rate of progress drastically.

      So no, I wouldn't give the Soviets too much credit for something that was bound to happen anyway.

      1. The Japanese industrialized far faster than the quoted alleged Soviet industrialization. Of course, they made no pretense of not copying.

      2. It is extremely unusual for a backward country to industrialize when it is being boycotted by the entire industrialized world.

        1. Russia was already far more industrialized than you are willing to admit.

          1. The crown jewel of an industrialized economy is a civilian aircraft like the 737. Russia was supposed to start deliveries in this year of an airplane that can compete with the 737…who will buy it?? Then they were supposed to start developing a competitor to the 777 with China. If one wants to understand Putin’s motives try having empathy and not just assume he’s insane. Russia is a proud nation that is being squeezed by America and China with Americans like Hunter Biden and Giuliani playing grabass in its front yard.

            1. Russia is being squeezed by Putin, not foreigners; and captcrisis was talking about Lenin/Stalin Russia, not Putin. Please try to keep up.

              1. No, Russia is being squeezed by America and China. Putin doesn’t want Russia to become Pittsburgh exporting its brains and losing population…albeit still a relatively nice city.

                1. How the heck do you claim to know what Putin wants? All everybody else needs is to see what he does. Your magical mystic eye into Putin's brain is unreliable.

                  Your claims about who is squeezing Russia are equally astute.

                  1. Who will buy Russia’s manufactured goods in a bipolar world of America and China?? America wouldn’t even let Russia have the poorest country in Europe as a trade partner!?! Russia is a paradox as its sum is less than its parts…and it’s not going to get better as China reverse engineers all of the military tech Russia will export over the next 5 years. In the end China will only want energy and grain from Russia.

                    1. Who will buy Russia’s manufactured goods in a bipolar world of America and China??

                      I don't know. Who buys manufactured goods from Japan, or South Korea, or Germany, or.....?

                      So, pretty much anyone who thinks they offer good value.

        2. At one point arguably around half the world was on Russia's side. Whats they're excuse then? If Capitalism always has a unfair advantage over communism when does an unfair advantage just start to be seen as an outright advantage?

          1. Communism is asinine—it’s ideology over principles very similar to Bushism that Republicans adopted in the early 2000s. The Soviets squandered Russia’s wealth by propping up crapholes like Cuba.

    3. No it didn't. Tsarist Russia was industrial enough to give Germany mighty trouble in the Great War, to build a railway to the Pacific, and to rebuild its navy in ten years after the Japanese demolished it.

      The USSR's Mighty Great Socialist economy took longer to copy the US atom bomb using spies than the US took to create it from scratch

      The idea that Communism brought Russia out of the pre-industrial dark ages is just another socialist myth.

    4. Exactly the ambition of Kim Jong-Il

      1. Their cars run on wood in the hermit kingdom.

        But yeah, a command economy that manages not to be colonized can industrialize pretty fast - Japan too.

        Not China, though.

    5. The dramatic rise in industrial production began during the final Tsarist years. It stagnated under Communism. Other than military stuff, the USSR produced only low quality goods, and never enough of those, until it collapsed. The USSR became a nuclear superpower mostly by kidnapping the right German scientists and through espionage.

    6. only really got there as quick as they did with the expertise and machinery of Nazi Germany.

      1. Ha

        And with help from the Chester A. Arthur Administration too, I suppose.

    7. A point taught in college humanities fifty years ago.

  4. For density of falsehood, try Lincoln Steffens and "I have seen the future and it works".

    1. He hadn't see it.
    2. It wasn't the future.
    3. It didn't work.

    While 2 and 3 might have seemed more defensible opinions at one point than later, the reason he sent his telegram from Finland, before arriving in the Soviet Union, is that he knew the telegram system there didn't work.

    1. Marx said, Commie was unnatural and does not work. It would have to be imposed by force. That is why woke must be crushed, and cancelled. It is a masking ideology for Chinese Commie Party criticism of the USA from the 1960's.

  5. I spent some time failing to track down the original version of Voltaire's quote before discovering that most of the editions of his book were abridged and cut out the only part anybody remembers 250 years later.

  6. HUH ... real communism has never been tried -- we'll get it right this time!

    1. Odd that no one makes fun of that kind of remark when it is made about Christianity.

      1. Too many people in Heaven and much too much love, prosperity and true freedom for that ... but pretty sure the Adversary gives it a try though!

      2. Please, give some of us credit.

        This country is great not because it is a democracy. It is great because it is free.

        Politicians rarely use "freedom" when they can use "democracy", because democracy means increasing their power, while freedom means freedom from their power.

        Democracy is the servant of freedom, not its master.

      3. Much of the most successful countries in the world derive from a Christian background and/or were the most powerful places in the world when they were Christian. The Christian tradition has carried on in countless places for centuries/millennia. If that is failure what is your example of a success?

        OTOH There is not a single major example where communism didn't start in an immediate bloodbath, including many of the greatest bloodbaths in history and basically end up discarded after a short experiment. Even in nominally 'communist' countries.

        That you would even think of comparing the two shows you are completely batshit loony toons. I'm not even sure how you managed to dress yourself today.

  7. I thought it was,

    "The Holy Roman Empire was noy holy, nor Roman, nor an empire."

    1. you left out, "Talk amongst yourselves."

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