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Plastic Surgeon "Performs Surgery While Appearing at Video Traffic Court Appointment"

The judge was rightly not amused ("I'm concerned about the welfare of the patient based on what I'm seeing"), and the California Medical Board might not be, either.


Sacramento Bee (Darrell Smith) reported on this yesterday.

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  1. Sadly, I am not surprised -- the arrogance of some in the medical professions exceeds even some of those in the legal profession.

    There is also this:

    1. The rent seeking and criminality in health is 2 times greater and 2 times more harmful than in the law. I am not addressing it, since I would be killed. I talk of the lawyer taking $1 trillion and returning nothing of value. Of the $5 trillion health cost, half is waste, far worse than the lawyer profession. This massive ripoff is another failure on the list of failures of the law. If a crime is gigantic, it goes unchallenged.

      Defensive medicine consumes 10% of the budget. It uses litigation as an excuse for fraudulent, medically unnecessary care. The lawyer profession is therefore suborning health care fraud. Almost all malpractice cases are frivolous. Even in judicial hellholes, the rate of verdict for the defendant is 70%. Worse, this litigation excuses a massive cover up of medical error. Any root cause analysis will be used as discovery for plaintiffs. Instead of improving the system, errors get covered up and repeated.

      1. A decade ago, I was watching Fox News, who had a guest on to buttress the meme a good chunk of out of control health costs was unnecessary tests so doctors could legally CYA. She said, however, that 1 of 6 unnecessary tests was CYA and 5 of 6 was doctors prescribing unnecessary tests because they get paid to review the results.

        A few sentences later, Fox quickly moved to something else.

    2. It is a job hazard for surgeons

  2. Pikers. In the NHS (England) surgeons and anesthesiologists will stop a procedure with the patient open on the table and go have lunch...with a pint or two

    1. They go home at 5 PM no matter what. They get paid $90000 and are pissed. Wait time for emergency surgery under Commie Care? 6 days.

      1. David,
        You are very badly informed or don't care that you actually know nothing about which you post.

        1. American tourist was bleeding out from hemorrhoids. He waited 6 days for surgery that took half an hour, as they pumped blood into him. He got AIDS from the transfusions. Care was free however.

  3. Class privilege is being able to waste the Court's time by frivolously trying to multitask your day job with your legal hearing and getting away with it, without so much as a slap on the wrist. Does anyone seriously think the judge would have been nearly so accommodating of a car mechanic or line cook attempting to do the same thing as he was to a *plastic surgeon*?

    1. I urge law students, and even law professors, as part of a class, to spend half a day in traffic court. They are run under the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Nothing you will see will have been covered. And nothing covered will be seen in Traffic Court. Rights, what rights?

      You will see cases settled in 2 minutes, whether with a defense lawyer or without. The lawyer hired will merely be transmitting the plea offer. The judge will be making $10000 an hour for thug, tyrannical government. They will be misbehaving by yelling, threatening people, and belittling personal characteristics. A defendant declined my offer to try get the judge off the bench, saying, he still had to drive around here.

      Continuances will be repeatedly used to crush the defense, as police do not show up. If your accuser fails to show up, the case should be dismissed. It is always continued. Working people have to return again and again, taking half a day off, each time. They may lose far more wages than the fine.

      Excuse me, Sam, but the car mechanic you deride is a highly productive and valuable worker. That arrogant judge is not only worthless, a threat to our freedoms, a thug making massive amount for tyrannical government, but he is damaging our economy, while contributing nothing to traffic safety. When the defendant has no funds, the case is dismissed with no consequence to avoid wasting government funds on jail. So we know what the court is really about, money making organized crime.

      Here is what is shocking to me. The defendants express gratitude to the judge, when the fine is $400 no matter what the offense, but with no insurance points. These lawyer thugs exploit the necessity of driving to survive in our country.

      1. DavidBehar,
        I don't think Sam Hopper was deriding the car mechanic. He was deriding the judge for likely treating plastic surgeons better than car mechanics.

    2. Perhaps this illustrates that those without privilege, the line cooks and mechanics, and others in service industries (a scrub nurse involved in a plastic surgery case perhaps) could be better accommodated by the courts? Why should the legal process be a 9 to 5 operation whereby a traffic citation should massively increase the effective fine by causing one to miss paying work.
      The state should bear the burdens of prosecution, especially now that the judge can zoom from wherever he wishes.

  4. I would just note that past surveys have shown that surgeons predominately vote Republican. Whether that includes plastic surgeons, I don't know. Some plastic surgeons or physicians who include that in their practice have also gone on to become Republican politicians, including most notably, Ben Carson (who was a professor, in part, of plastic surgery before retiring).

    1. Most doctors and other professionals are slightly to the right of center. The AMA and other professional societies, including the ABA, are all located in Marxist, Democrat, shithole places. They are therefore extreme left organization, not representing the members of the professions. Lawyers, for example, know far better than me, how much their profession sucks, having insider experiences. Yet, they are cowed into silence by these thug criminal organizations and licensing authorities. These criminals should be deterred in all out campaigns of lawfare and relentless investigations, litigation, and personal attacks. People are just too busy to do the right thing.

      Lawfare remains in one direction. Trump was subjected to unending legal harassment by scumbag lawyer criminals and traitors. He and the Republican Party failed to return the fire. When the right embraces cancel, you lawyer scumbags will not like it. For example, I would have arrested Pelosi, and had her sitting in federal prison until she explained how her net worth went from $80 million to $120 million after her election as Speaker. She should get no bail being a flight risk, and an agent of the tech billionaires and of the Chinese Communist Party. If released by a Deep State judge, arrest the judge for "collusion," and re-arrest Pelosi on another allegation. Anyone can play, it is time for real Americans to start.

      1. The majority of MDs are *not* members of the AMA....

    2. I mean, sure. I'm not sure what that has to do with this story (unless you think he is somehow representative of everyone.)

      There might be a reason for it. I'm willing to bet there is nothing special here, its just "surgeons make more money, people who make money generally lean right."

    3. Also, people who generally work with their hands are generally more Republican. Surgeons make more money and are engaging in more hands based work, so that probably explains mosr of it.

    4. In fact Carson was a distinguished neurosurgeon. His professorship was irrelevant in that regard.

  5. Like in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, where a criminal's (Raymond Massey) plastic surgeon (Peter Lorre) whom the criminal wants to change his (the criminal's) face so he can dodge the cops, gets drunk and watches FRANKENSTEIN, before operating, and gives the criminal a face like Boris Karloff's.

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