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Today in Supreme Court History: September 20, 1968


9/20/1968: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission denied a certificate of no exterior effect to the Penn Central Transportation Co. The Supreme Court found that the City of New York did not violate the Takings Clause in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York (1978).

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  1. After having lost Penn Station, NYC managed to save Grand Central.
    Boston's South Station was saved, only to now have a tower being built inside it. Sad.

    1. A strange way to view a government taking control of property without compensation.

  2. From the future 9/20/2025:

    "Today marks the 5th Anniversary of what most historians regard as the beginning to the Second American Civil War. The day before a Supreme Court justice passed away resulting in both political sides to take hard line positions about her replacement before the November election the very next day. After Joe Biden declined to take the Oath of Office due to mental illness and his running mate Harris was found to be ineligible for office because she lacked proper citizenship, President Pelosi declared marshal law in States that returned electoral votes for Donald Trump resulting in Texas and Alaska submitting Articles of Succession to DC. After a failed Constitutional Convention that was designed to write a compromise document that would preserve the Union, the various state militia and federal agents would engage in four years of on again, off again Guerrilla style warfare, finally triggering UN intervention that ended all armed conflict and the Peace Treaty of Paris in 2024. The ensuing treaty would create five different nations all declaring independence and sovereignty on January 1, 2025."

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