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Free Speech

Pro Bono M.D. Pa. Local Counsel for a Fun First Amendment / Unsealing Case?


There's an interesting First Amendment challenge to a state teacher complaint secrecy statute (see Doe v. Governor (3d Cir. 2019))—but the entire case in the Middle District of Pennsylvania is sealed, so people can't monitor what's happening in the challenge. (The Third Circuit decision I linked to gives a peek at what's going on, as do some unsealed documents in the Third Circuit docket, but many past and all future filings in the District Court are inaccessible.)

My students and I plan on filing a motion to intervene and unseal, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment and perhaps a couple of other parties. I think we're on top of both the legal arguments and the procedures for District Courts (I've filed in several District Courts throughout the country), but we need someone who is willing to act as pro bono local counsel. Anyone interested? If so, please let me know at volokh at Thanks!