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"Report: West Virginia Feeling Pretty Smug Right About Now"

Funny line from The Onion; thanks to Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) for the pointer.

UPDATE: Commenter Leo Marvin adds a Tweet from @Nate_Jara:

Has anyone tried unplugging Virginia and plugging it back in?

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  • Brett Bellmore||

    I'm sure I'd find this hilarious, if I had any idea what the context was.

  • Brett Bellmore||

    Ok, I finally figured it out. Must be slow this morning.

  • Leo Marvin||

    Brett, how many times have we told you, InfoWars is great for keeping up with witch hunts and false flags, but it may not be the one stop news source you should rely on.

  • Brett Bellmore||

    Probably about as many times as I've told you that I don't read InfoWars.

  • Leo Marvin||

    That seems awfully narrow-minded of you.

  • WJack||

    Could it be that W.V. succeeded from V. and is now not disgraced by Progressive politicians?

  • Leo Marvin||

    The best comment I've seen was a Tweet, now inexplicably deleted:

    "Has anyone tried unplugging Virginia and plugging it back in?"

  • Variant||

    That's epic.

  • TwelveInchPianist||

    Come on now. Let's not let Virginia distract us from banning air travel and providing economic security for those unwilling to work?

  • Bob from Ohio||

    Worst week for Virginia Democrats since Gettysburg.

  • WJack||



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