Remy: Clown World

The circus used to only come to town once a year.


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Common sense needs a bigger tent.


This could use a brand-new coat
That's not allowed, I'd warn you don't
That guy is crapping on the ground
Eh, it happens. Wait, how's that even allowed?

Because you're living in a clown world
A cool-to-pull-your-pants-on-down world
There's only one you can paint brown world
(You'll never guess which one in clown world!)

The cost of rent is getting dear
We should build our new neighborhood here
Zoning forbids new housing builds
We were actually just gonna throw up some tents and
You know, do some heroin?

Well, that's acceptable in clown world!
A can't-let-children-walk-downtown world
They're playing hopscotch—look around world!
They're avoiding needles…
Oh, it's OK in clown world

He saved that disabled lady
Risked his life to save two babies
And to his valor we're in debt
Wait—have you had your booster yet?

Well, I've had COVID and I had an adverse—

Looking for a new job in clown world
A risk-your-life-so-they-don't-drown world
A down-is-up and up-is-down world
Fired his dangerous butt from clown world

Oh we're all living in a clown world
A common-sense-cannot-be-found world
A you-can-paint-the-sidewalk-brown world
We're living in a clown world


Written and performed by Remy; video produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg