Joe Biden

George Will vs. 1619 Project: The U.S. Founding Is 'the Best Thing That Ever Happened'

The Washington Post columnist says President Joe Biden isn't a progressive but "will go where the [Democratic] party goes, and the party is being driven by other people."


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"History is made by intense, compact minorities," says Washington Post columnist George Will, who believes that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) "and her squad or cohort have the energy in the Democratic Party. A lot of people say, 'Gee whiz, I did not know Joe Biden was this far left. He's not left, not a progressive—he's a Democrat. And he goes where his party is being pulled." Will says that starting in the mid-1960s, followers of Sen. Barry Goldwater (R–Ariz.) had the same effect on the Republican Party, eventually leading the recasting of the GOP as the party of small government and the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1980.

In 1973, Will was a young academic coming off a stint as a Senate staffer when he began writing columns for National Review and The Washington Post. Since then he has churned out "6,000 or so" pieces (his count) on a weekly schedule, calling to mind the longevity and endurance of Cal Ripken Jr., who played more consecutive baseball games than anyone in history and whose work ethic was lionized by Will in his 1990 bestseller, Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball.

Will's newest book is American Happiness and Discontents, a collection of columns from 2008 to 2020 that covers the Great Recession, the Obama years, what he calls the crybaby presidency of Donald Trump, and the rise of identity politics as a major force in contemporary America. Of special interest are his columns drawing complicated lessons from the World War II era, when the country triumphed over authoritarianism and genocide abroad even as it practiced racial apartheid at home. Will's analysis of and love for America is unabashedly patriotic but it is never jingoistic or untroubled by tough historical truths.

Though he started out firmly on the conservative right, Will has become more and more libertarian, especially in his insistence that mere politics should never be the all-consuming passion of human endeavor and that America remains a place dedicated to a future that is better than the present. "If we can rein in our appetite for government to dispense benefits," he says, and replace it with a government "that defends the shores, fills the potholes, and otherwise gets out of the way, we're going to see again, the creativity of the American people."

Photo Credits: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash; Reason, 1978; Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash; Albin Lohr-Jones/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Albin Lohr-Jones/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom; Steve Sanchez/Pacific Press/Newscom; George Bridges/KRT/Newscom; Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom; William Reagan/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Everett Collection/Newscom; Tom Williams/Roll Call/Newscom; Roger L. Wollenberg UPI Photo Service/Newscom; 1987 Commercial—Mrs. Smith's "Pie in Minutes"; Photo by Nelson Ndongala on Unsplash

Music Credit: "December," by Still Life

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if we’re getting to that place where by talking about the 1619 project, we continue to give it oxygen it doesn’t deserve.

    1. I think we are in that place.

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    2. It’s getting pushed whether we talk about it or not.

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    3. The longer we keep it controversial, the longer we keep them from making it mandatory.

      1. Why do you care Canadian?

        1. Why do you love CRT so much, Shrike? You psychotic troll.

          I care because stupid, sociopathic shit like your lovely CRT metastasizes on America’s left coasts and quickly spreads to Ottawa. Stopping your neo-scientific racism horseshit in the US will prevent it from infecting our bureaucrats.

      2. I wonder if KARen has stopped felching hippos yet.

        1. Some of us are EATING.

    4. Most Americans don’t approve of this attempt at rewriting history. That’s why, for example, the media strategy on Critical Race Theory is to shut up about it whenever possible. They want to teach it to children in schools secretly so that the parents never find out. The more we talk about it the more we raise awareness about the left’s attempt to rewrite history and teach this false narrative history to children without their parents’ knowledge.

    5. “we continue to give it oxygen it doesn’t deserve.”

      No, it is the opposite. If you let this scuttle into the shadows, the next time you find it will be when it is pouring out of the mouth of every kid coming out of public K-12 education. I have already seen teachers try to push it in my kids’ class as “extra reading”, and I immediately went to the principle to knock that shit off. Luckily I am in a more conservative county/city so I can get away with it. God knows what is happening in New York or Virginia.

      1. That’s a good point.

    6. It should really be called The 250,000 B.C.E. Project, since that, as far as we’ve found, is the amount of time that humans have been on Earth, and also the amount of time men have exercised inhumanity to men.

      And as an Atheist/Evolutionist bumper sticker puts it, “We Are All Africans!”

      1. Yes, but some are more African than others. Today it is all about a hierarchy of victimhood because that is what works, given that we are living in an inverse world.

    7. I hear they’re all pedophiles. So does that mean Buttplug is a founder?

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  2. Baseball needs a pitch clock. There I said it.

    1. Pete Rose in the HoF.

      1. On top of a bust of Ray Fosse.

        1. dude. it’s an exhibition. chill lol.

          1. Pete is on record as saying the fans at the All-Star Game paid more for those tickets than regular tickets, so why wouldn’t he play harder? Even if you think the dude is a total scumbag, if more people did their jobs the way he did his, the world would be a better place.

            1. He once came into the pizza parlor I was working at. Sat in the corner, ate his pizza, then left.

              He didn’t tip, the bastard! Oh wait, no one tips at pizza parlors. Anyway, true story.

            2. I love Pete. was very cool to me @the Vet while he was a Phillie.

      2. The HoF is a museum, not a temple. But I wouldn’t bet on Charlie Hustle getting in anytime soon.

        1. >>museum, not a temple

          exactly why the wagers of sin should not DQ

        2. What kind of odds are you offering?

          1. If they ever made a Pete Rose themed slots game it would need to be housed in a big red machine.

    2. Baseball needs an automated strike zone.

    3. Baseball needs topless cheerleaders.

      1. I’d watch baseball then.

        1. Assuming that they have the usual and customary qualities one associates with cheerleaders, so would I.

          But is they are at all woke….that is another story I wouldn’t watch.

    4. Baseball needs a change of rules so that there can be some kind of strategy besides running 4 bases and putting “a lil’ pepper” on the ball.

  3. “Though he started out firmly on the conservative right, Will has become more and more libertarian”

    As a libertarian who has read most of Will’s 6,000 weekly missives since the 1970s, I disagree with this statement, especially since Will still suffers from severe case of TDS.

    Furthermore, Trump was the most libertarian president since Calvin Coolidge.

    1. specially in his insistence that mere politics should never be the all-consuming passion of human endeavor

      Just so you know, this is the central thesis of many of the “right-wing conservatives” I follow.

      Just so you know more, on the cultural side, there is a line of thought (that I happen to agree with) that the culture is suffering from ailments of identity which is leading us to believe that politics is the “all-consuming passion of human endeavor”.

      Society WILL find its religion, and I’m going to say it again, but even us atheists are going to find we kind of miss the old gods now that we’re getting a good look at the new ones.

      1. “even us atheists are going to find we kind of miss the old gods now that we’re getting a good look at the new ones.” Yeah I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. The conservative-libertarian atheist being a rare enough bird (I’m one), once traditional religion & “God” are taken out of the equation, we seem to be going to hell in a handbasket. Real or not, those things worked some good results.

        1. That’s part of the reason I turned to a really old time religion: Odinism.

          1. Worshipping a Nordic God that only had one eye, needed Ravens flying around the world to know what was going on, and part of a Pantheon which, according to it’s own mythology, is not immortal?
            And with two different scriptures, The Elder Eddas and Marvel Comics? Sounds like the Abrahamic God’s biker bar neighbors. 🙂

        2. Just because “Hell in a handbasket” followed Nietzsche proclaiming “God is dead,” does not mean that Nietzsche proclaiming “God is dead” caused “Hell in a handbasket.” (Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc Fallacy or False Causation Fallacy.)

          Also, only a factual cause can produce any result, including good results. If prayer is what is needed for a free and civilized society, then we, quite literally, haven’t got a prayer.

          1. It’s not a fallacy if there is a logical connection. When most people are in that medium bracket of intelligence (by definition, they are), they need something to “keep them in check” from being criminals and assholes. Traditional morality played this role. Traditional morality was based on (false) religion. Take out this base and you get 2019-2020, if nothing “good” can replace. That’s kind of where we are at the moment.

            1. Even though Free Market Economist Frederick Bastiat professed a belief in a God, he also held that plunder never stops until it is made more difficult and painful than labor, and that until plunder is made more difficult and painful, neither religion nor morality can stop it.

      2. I think part of the problem is that as you create giant institutions, the only way to get people bought in is with Religious dogma (pseudo religion or actual). When your government is 6% of GDP, people can pretty much ignore it all day long. But when it has become 25% or 50%, they are interacting with it every day. At that point it becomes so overpowering that people either embrace it religiously or they overthrow it.

      3. That’s kinda what the show American Gods is about. Highly recommend.

        1. Stars really loaded the TV version up with a lot of wokish bullshit.

    2. Sorry, Bill that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you.

      1. I agree.

        We libertarian atheists are best at differentiating between libertarians and conservatives, as many of the latter often publicly claim to be libertarians (as they promote conservativism).

        1. Requiring atheism to be part of your definition of libertarian is simply adding a religious aspect to your beliefs. It is self defeating. And no, I’m not religious, I’m agnostic.

          1. I’m Christian and I agree with you

              1. The star of Gleaming the Cube is a Christian Slater.

                1. Helen Slater preferred.

              2. (Assumes Groucho voice) “I’m an Aural Atheist. I’m not believing what I’m hearing.”

              3. Christian atheist yes….I presume that is the same thing as I have described myself for a long time, “a cultural Christian and a religious atheist.” Thus, Christian ethical/social principles are part of my makeup (I celebrate the secular Christmas with the best of them, and ignore Hannukkah), I want my children to know Bible stories as cultural stories, even though I think there is absolutely no God and we here on Earth evolved out of the muck and we’re all we’ve got.

                1. Y’all need Jesus.

                  Christianity knew when to call a man a man and a woman a woman.

                  1. I don’t need God for that…..XX and XY is good enough for me.

                  2. I do too, but I also make allowance for CRISPR and organ transplantation, and strive to treat people justly whatever they are.

                2. I would see you and raise you by teaching any children I had about wise cultural stories from all cultures, as well as teaching that one doesn’t need a God to be good or to do good.

                  Also, I would teach them that good is life-affirming, reason-respecting, and value-adding, both for self and others, peace-making and peace-keeping, and respecting freedom and independence.

                3. Count me as the same.

    3. especially since Will still suffers from severe case of TDS

      That’s exactly what makes Will “libertarian” to Reason. “Issues” are small potatoes.

    4. Will didn’t leave the party, the party left him. He’s not becoming libertarian, it’s just that at this point anybody who’s not in favor of bigger government is considered libertarian. Anybody who doesn’t believe bigger government is the solution to every problem in the world is a crank.

      1. I really have to agree.

        Whether you like Trump or not, he was a populist through and through. He won largely on appeals to interfering with labor markets through tariffs and immigration restriction.

        He also was the first to really stand up and say Fuck You to the scolds on the left who have been pushing us to the left. And as a businessman he also did a lot for regulation. And he was pretty fucking great on foreign policy- I have little to nothing to criticize him for, from his work in the middle east to his work with our “allies” in Europe.

        I don’t think he was the most libertarian president (I think Reagan was more rhetorically libertarian), but he at least helped more libertarian causes than pretty much any president (including Reagan who had to deal with a dem congress).

        To the extent that a standard 80s Democrat like Trump is what passes for “the most libertarian”, is a pretty sad commentary on our country’s political future.

      2. Will supported both Bushes and would have endorsed a third. If he tells you he supports small government he’s lying.

        “Though he started out firmly on the conservative right, Will has become more and more libertarianswampy

        1. D.c. and n.y.c. corrupt absolutely.

        2. He needs some seaweed photoshopped on his picture.

    5. Response intended here:

      The Nachtwaechter Staater approves.

  4. These post modernist types that have produced these rotten and deceitful cultural concepts of CRT and the 1619 project refuse to acknowledge the goodness and righteousness of the Founding and are exacting a terrible toll on our society. They deny the good that the values of the Founding and it’s fruits that they enjoy to this day has brought not only on it’s citizens but the world. The gratitude for that is sorely lacking especially among the people who should be most grateful, those social justice bent who are among the most protected and privileged people the world has ever produced. They take everything they have for granted failing to understand just how fragile and fleeting this state they’re in. We’re witnessing people literally putting on chains of bondage for a fake feeling of security and for clicks and likes on their social media accounts. We have entered the bread and circuses phase of our republic.

    1. We have been in the bread and circus phase a longer time than you think. Since LBJ at least.

  5. Will was a partisan Republican for years, when Republicans were doing all sort of dubious crap.

    After doing his best to keep his readers supporting all sorts of dubious Republican candidates, including Mitt Romney (I checked), Will suddenly jumped ship.

    Was it because he began seeing the merits of third parties? Did he decide that maybe the Democrats have some ideas?

    1. some *good* ideas, I meant to say (ironically of course)

    2. Waning readership so he found a path to try and correct that. Where there’s a Will there’s a way.

      1. Where there is a Will, there is also a Won’t, as well as a Wouldn’t.

    3. Will has been an Elite within the Republican circle. This is a perfect example of how it is less about Red vs Blue and more about the Elites vs the Rest of Us.

      It is a bit unfortunate that the standard bearer for The Rest of Us was Trump. But you get what you get. Those Elite Republicans who truly feared that the game was changing against the Elites (on both the left and right) were the ones who largely jumped ship.

      To be clear, I don’t think all Elites realize that they are a ruling cabal enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us. They truly believe that their intellect, upbringing, and training has prepared them to lead the unwashed masses away from their base instincts. They are the type of people who believe that even “their team” has enough idiots that they would be unable to care for themselves without the Elite’s benevolent leadership.

      This is where people like Goldberg and Will really got their dislike of Trump. He represented the masses taking back control of their lives. Rednecks and Minorities in the projects- these people can’t be allowed to run their own lives. Better that the elites like Romney manage us in their wisdom.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. That’s the split I saw in 2016, and it cuts across other lines.

    4. Will ‘jumped ship’ when someone was nominated who decided to not take part in all that dubious crap.

      If the GOP elites ever manage to nominate a president again, he’ll be right in there with them.

  6. The New Gods

    Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist are taking part in a 3-day COVID-19 conference at the Vatican

    1. “In recorded remarks released on Thursday, Fauci told the conference that people will be more likely to follow health advice if it comes from someone they trust.”

      The people who trust Pope Francis are the sorts of people who trust Fauci, too.

      1. I mean they *already* trust Fauci. Wasted effort on his part.

    2. Fauci, the pope

      The guy’s been making religious proclamations since the start of the pandemic, so why not?

      1. He is the head of the Vaxican.

        1. +1
          Good one

    3. Dr. Fauci, the Pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist were on a sight-seeing flight around Rome after the conference when the cabin was struck by lightning, leaving them no pilot and no way to land. Then they discovered the plane had only 2 parachutes.

      Dr. Fauci said “I’m the smartest man in the world, and the world needs me to guide them through COVID safely,” and he grabbed one parachute and jumped out of the plane.

      Aerosmith’s guitarist looked at the Pope with fear in his eyes and said “I’m just a musician in a band whose best days are behind them. You’re the spiritual leader to a billion people. I don’t want to die, but you should take the last parachute, Your Holiness.”

      “Even though I don’t approve of your music, I appreciate your kindness. But don’t worry, my son,” said the Pope. “The smartest man in the world just jumped out with your knapsack.”

      1. I remember that joke when it was about Henry Kissinger.

    4. Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist walk into a bar. Their monocles were so fogged up they didn’t see it.

    5. “Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist”

      …walk into a Vatican conference.

      The bartender says, “is this some kind of joke?”

    6. “Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist”

      …walk into a bar.

      But the genie is hard of hearing and…wait, I didn’t set up that joke correctly.

      1. Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist walk into a gay bar. The Dope brought the Pope, the Pope brought the Scope. and the mope brought the soap on a rope.

        1. Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith’s guitarist walk into a coffee shop.

          Fauci bends over to pick up the quarter, and the Pope disappears.

          1. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be where any of them are, otherwise, I’ll be the butt of the joke.

            1. Don’t want to be left behind.

  7. >>calling to mind the longevity and endurance of Cal Ripken Jr.

    ya both emperors wore no clothes for a decade before anyone told them.

  8. In the most difficult, complicated moments, it is good to receive the warmth of those who love you because it ends up being a spectacular incentive to move forward.

  9. “If we can rein in our appetite for government to dispense benefits,” he says, and replace it with a government “that defends the shores, fills the potholes, and otherwise gets out of the way, we’re going to see again, the creativity of the American people.”

    “IF” is a big word, in this context.

    1. “defends the shores” is a pretty right-wing concept. Just sayin’.

      1. That and a common currency I can agree with; anything else is up for discussion with an understanding of limited government.

  10. The people voted, Senile Joe is president, they aren’t voting libertarian, they want government benefits, and that’s that. Crying about it assuming we’re going back to the days of limited government in some past decade is nonsense. Will knows this, and so do you. Talk about it all you want, but you’re not convincing the people who vote, and you’re certainly not convincing the people with any real influence or power.

    That a stupid sick career grifter of a politician is sitting in the White House now is astounding, but there it is. If they were willing to vote for that, who really thinks people are going to vote for laissez faire limited government now.

    1. We knew this when Barry Goldwater got absolutely shellacked by LBJ when everybody already knew what a POS LBJ was. For a brief moment, it looked like Reagan might be reviving the Goldwater wing of the GOP but that ended badly and the election of George Bush put a stake through its heart. “Free shit” beats “get a job” every time.

        1. A Bearded Spock administration would function ruthlessly, efficiently, and logically. And a Vice President McCoy would really spice things up.

          1. “Damn It, Jim! I’m a doctor, not an incredibly disliked placeholder!!!”

  11. …will go where the party goes, and the party is being driven by other people.
    Seniors with dementia, like President Biden, really should not be driving themselves around.

    1. Does Trump drive? He shouldn’t be.

      1. In 2024, if Trump runs for President, he will be as old as Biden is now. Which, obviously, is way too old.

  12. > eventually leading the recasting of the GOP as the party of small government

    Gosh, whatever happened to that party? All I see are two major parties doing their best to outspend each other. Mortgaging your children’s future rather than directly taxing them doesn’t mean you’re the party of small government.

    1. The GOP hasn’t been the party of small government since Goldwater, they’re just the party of growing government slightly slower than the Democrats.

      1. That was true back when it was Gore promising an 8% growth rate and Bush promising a 6% growth rate in government spending.

        Now it’s Trump promising a 25% growth rate and Biden promising a 100% growth rate. It’s not good, but it’s not a toss-up.

    2. Wouldn’t it be something if the GOP stopped complaining about Obamacare and put forth a concrete proposal to put a better system in place. They are bankrupt of any true leadership or ideas.

      1. Lol. Mike the libertarian wants to simply replace one system with another government system instead of allowing individual choice. Mike isn’t libertarian.

        1. Age can’t even imagine the solution being the absence of a plan.

      2. Why is that needed? A bad policy replaced by nothing is a huge improvement.

    3. If it makes you feel any better, the government spending money doesn’t actually work like you spending money. Government prints all the money at will, see.

      1. Which is worse. Because if you managed to save any money up, it suddenly becomes worth a lot less. Of course if you’re in debt, inflation is your friend.

        1. Inflation is often our friend. Depends on the circumstances.

          What’s not our friend is fantasy bullshit stories like that the US government has a limited supply of something it can create out of thin air.

          1. Correct. It doesn’t need to tax to steal at will.

          2. True. That kind of thinking has worked out very well in p,ac elite Venezuela, or Weimar Germany.

            1. Big economics brain right here.

    4. It’s comical to say “both sides” when one side wants to spend 6 trillion and the other side wants to spend 12 trillion. One of these numbers is decidedly larger than the other.

      But yeah, the Republicans are hardly the party of smaller government. Rand Paul got trounced in the primaries in 2016.

      And the LP ran a (once-)respected two term governor against a crooked First Lady and a TV reality show star. And got 3%.

      Both Johnson and Paul were promising to balance the budget in their first term. Voters aren’t buying what the small government types are selling.

      1. Johnson ran a weak campaign and got sucked into some very non libertarian bullshit like forcing people to buy gay cakes. And given how hard the establishment left went after Trump, there is no way Johnson wouldn’t have folded like a cheap suit early on.

  13. The best take that anyone ever had on George Will was Garry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury. In the early 80s, Trudeau lambasted Will as being a shallow social climber who paid people to look up big words for him. Will could not deal with the satire. Will really is a social climber, who does not hesitate to stab people in the back. I’m old enough to remember how he attacked Joe Biden (then chair of Senate Judiciary) for destroying the civility of Washington in his treatment of Robert Bork, then turned on Bork years later, and of course, supported Biden for President. Will is 80, has lost of his influence but still loves to appear on MSNBC and CNN. I have never been prouder of Fox than when they cancelled his contract.

    1. I mean, the fact that he is shilling for publicity on Reason tells a lot.

    2. “In the early 80s, Trudeau lambasted Will as being a shallow social climber who paid people to look up big words for him.”

      Lol, he was the proto Michael Eric Dyson of the right? Talk about a fucking gas bag who burps out big words while stroking his Race Boner.

      1. That’s all turn on talk for Tony.

  14. Will’s newest book is American Happiness and Discontents, a collection of columns from 2008 to 2020

    Great for propping up wobbly tables and for use as toilet paper.

  15. Fun Fact: George Will got taken for a bunch of money by a parent of one of his son’s classmates.

  16. Am I the only one who didn’t notice his becoming more and more libertarian, but rather more and more blah?

    1. So she’s taking Kavanaugh on a high mountaintop and offering him…all the cocktail parties of the earth.

      1. What? I’m not on Volokh? How did I get here?

  17. Interesting tidbit about 1619 and Wikipedia rewrites of history.
    John Casor was the first person declared a slave by a Virginia court. (he was declared the slave of another black man) Here is the original and the 1619 rewrite of his story:
    At this time (1665), there were only about 300 people of African origin living in the Virginia Colony, about 1% of an estimated population of 30,000. The first group of 20 or so Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619 as indentured servants. After working out their contracts for passage money to Virginia and completing their indenture, each was granted 50 acres (20 ha) of land (headrights). This enabled them to raise their own tobacco or other crops.

    In one of the earliest freedom suits, Casor argued that he was an indentured servant who had been forced by Anthony Johnson, a free black, to serve past his term; he was freed and went to work for Robert Parker as an indentured servant. Johnson sued Parker for Casor’s services. In ordering Casor returned to his master, Johnson, for life, the court both declared Casor a slave and sustained the right of free blacks to own slaves.

    Rewriting history. Wikipedia style
    I suspect this is an attempt to conflate actual slavery, by force, with a contract of indenture, voluntarily entered into for a period of time.
    This will help blur the blatant lie of slaves being brought to Jamestown in 1619, when the fact is that they were indentured servants who sold their indenture to pay the passage to the new world.
    Interesting note concerning Wikipedia;
    This is the text I captured April 15th.
    At this time (1665), there were only about 300 people of African origin living in the Virginia Colony, about 1% of an estimated population of 30,000. The first group of 20 or so Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619 as indentured servants. After working out their contracts for passage money to Virginia and completing their indenture, each was granted 50 acres (20 ha) of land (headrights). This enabled them to raise their own tobacco or other crops.
    This is how it now reads
    At this time, there were only about 300 people of African origin living in the Virginia Colony, about 1% of an estimated population of 30,000. The first group of 20 or so Africans were brought to Point Comfort in 1619 as enslaved Africans. After working between 15 and 30 years, most were granted their freedom to purchase land and start their own homestead.
    (this bit has been added)
    Although most historians believe slavery, as an institution, developed much later, they differ on the exact status of their servitude before slavery was established, as well as differing over the date when this took place. The colonial charter entitled English subjects and their children the rights of the common law, but people of other nations were considered foreigners or aliens outside the common law. At the time, the colony had no provision for naturalizing foreigners.
    Welcome to the revolution!

    A bit more – – – –
    The changes were made on October 29, 2020:
    Major restatements were from ‘indentured servant’ to ‘enslaved African’, from ‘Jamestown’ to ‘Point Comfort’ (perhaps to avoid searches including Jamestown? Point Comfort is 40 miles downriver from Jamestown), from ‘granted land’ to ‘granted their freedom to purchase land’ (after serving an indenture, they were free by law, and no granting of the freedom to purchase was needed).

    1. Here is the link to the edit page w/index.php?title=John_Casor &diff=next&oldid=979332193

    2. But 1619 *feels* like the true date for the introduction of chattel slavery.

    3. There were slaves in America long before 1619.
      The Spanish conquistadors AOC is descended from brought slaves to Florida in the 1500’s. When is she going to pay reparations?

      1. Her “reparations” are not exactly PG-13.

        1. It would at least be a welcome change to use her mouth for something productive.

      2. Sorry, slavery only existed in the United States, and only white men ever held slaves.
        That is why no one ever talks about slave reparations from Egypt to Israel.

  18. At this point, the American right is some kind of freakish curiosity in the petri dish of social media. I must say I’m surprised that, in their never-ending quest to be outraged at everything people who live in cities do, they are latching onto various obscure academic productions. But considering the similarities to the Nazis–nay, their actual, bona fine alliance with actual Nazis–one shouldn’t be surprised when they go after academia.

    The problem with American fascists, of course, is that they don’t even have a pretense to appreciating any of these cultural things. The real Nazis liked opera. Opera. They wanted to live in cities and rule like civilized people. They had class.

    Alas, such is the paradox of Nazis. If you expel all the Jewish academics, the other guys get the bomb first. And all the other cultural advancements, it turns out. Idiots.

    1. Odd then that is the Dems that are anti-Israel. And the Dems who have their own brown-shirt mobs. And the Dems who want to say what it is okay to say on social media. And the Dems who live in cities. And the Dems who want to indoctrinate the youth…

      1. I don’t see the connection. If such a thing as a moderate progressive humanist political party can exist, Democrats do a decent job of being one. If Republicans have contributed nothing else to humanity, they have kept Democrats on their toes. They won’t get an extramarital BJ in the Oval Office again, that’s for sure.

        I know of no Dem who is anti-Israel. They’re mostly suckled to it as if Florida were an actual cock in their mouths, but that’s the electoral college for you. There are a few who meekly suggest we consider the possibility that Palestinians are actually human beings too, but they mostly get ignored.

        But sure, being skeptical of the Netanyahu government, sure, just like gassing all the Jews. Where did you get that nugget of wisdom, the 700 Club?

        Not all mobs are brownshirts. Just the Nazi ones. You can tell because of the swastikas they wear to their rallies. Remember those? A lot of Biden supporters in those mobs, do you think?

        1. “I don’t see the connection.”

          It involves a democrat, of course you don’t.

          “I know of no Dem who is anti-Israel.”

          Except for that Somali cunt that married her brother to get citizenship, that is a member of Congress. Not that I care but this is factually incorrect. As a matter of fact, didn’t your party remove funding for Israeli defense from a spending bill yesterday? Although I personally disagree, we have agreed to help allies with their national defense and Israel is one of many.

          Now let’s see your weaselly worded response poorly excusing this fact Tony. I bet it will include pejoratives against Trump, his supporters and in general anyone on the right, with a light acknowledgment of the freaks on the left.

          1. Do you have to support every policy of the Israeli government and every spending bill that lavishes Israel’s military with my dollars in order not to be a Nazi? Is that how it works?

            1. When you pledge to help an ally with their defense, yeah Tony you do. Again I don’t agree with throwing money at our allies and enemies for defense and bribery purposes but that’s the way the Elites have it set up in DC. It’s no fucking secret that that dumb Arab Talib and the bald headed Somali cunt hate Israel. It’s so fucking bizarre that you argue this fucking point when there are plenty of democrats in Congress who are openly hostile to Israel and get in front of cameras and shill for the terrorists in Palestine. Many democrats are anti-Israel, who gives a fuck? It’s that you lie and believe the democrat party is this pure righteous group that’s fighting to save the world and uphold human rights or some shit. Stop lying, it’s easy to refute.

              1. Well, we wouldn’t want to be openly hostile.

          2. I’m surprised more commenters here haven’t muted that douche bag troll.

            1. People who mute other commenters on reason have penises so small they can only be detected by space telescopes.

        2. “I know of no Dem who is anti-Israel.”

          Let me introduce you to the Squad.

        3. If such a thing as a moderate progressive humanist political party can exist, Democrats do a decent job of being one.

          I suppose to a communist, the early 1930’s Nazi party would seem “moderate”; after all, they didn’t run on destroying the bourgeoisie or abolishing private property or seizing the means of production, and the Nazis supported single payer healthcare, free higher education, government pensions, job guarantees, and fair wages.

          1. But after the Nazis committed genocide and global war, you wouldn’t think that anymore.

    2. The problem with American fascists, of course, is that they don’t even have a pretense to appreciating any of these cultural things. The real Nazis liked opera. Opera. They wanted to live in cities and rule like civilized people. They had class.

      Just like Democrats today.

      Are you starting to figure it out yet?

      Nazis/Democrats also hate capitalism, want free college, single payer healthcare, fair wages, and reparations.

      1. You’re not going to convince me of nonsense that’s obviously a ridiculous lie. Democrats could be so much worse before it would be morally permissible not to vote for them.

        Imagine that climate change is real and all the world’s scientists weren’t maintaining a half-century conspiracy with virtually no leaks. Republicans will not vote to do anything about a crisis that’s destroying all life on earth.

        They are far worse than the Nazis.

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  21. It’s a fact that the American Revolution was not fought to preserve slavery.

    To say it was is a lie. Why do progressives defend liars so vehemently?

    1. Because it works?

      (is there a prize?)

  22. I doubt that, at term’s end, the current administration will/can make a notably practical improvement in poor and low-income Americans’ quality of life, however much Biden may want or try to deliver such greatly needed assistance. I believe that the DNC refuses to allow a Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy, regardless of what voters want. For example, every county in West Virginia voted for Sanders in 2016, yet the Democratic National Committee declared them as wins for Clinton, the latter candidate’s neo-liberalism, unlike Sanders’ fiscal-progressiveness, already known for not rubbing against any big business grain.

    Fiscal conservative ideology/politics, big business interests and most of the corporate mainstream news-media resist progressive ideas being put into actual practice. They seem to favor big $$$ over humanity. I believe that Republicans are coercing the Democratic Party hierarchy into making their fiscal politics/policies more conservative.

    But isn’t there a point at which the status quo — where already large corporate profits are maintained or increased while many people are denied even a basic income — can/will end up hurting big business interests? I can imagine that a healthy, strong and large consumer base — and not just very wealthy consumers — are needed. Or could it be that, generally speaking, the unlimited profit objective/nature is somehow irresistible, including the willingness to simultaneously have an already squeezed consumer base continue so or even worsened? (It brings to mind the allegorical fox stung by the instinct-abiding scorpion while ferrying it across the river, leaving both to drown.)

    When it comes to capitalist society, I can see the corporate CEO figuratively shrugging their shoulders and defensively saying that their job is to protect shareholders’ bottom-line interests. Meanwhile, the shareholder also shrugs their shoulders while defensively stating that they just collect the dividends and that the CEOs are the ones to make the moral and/or ethical decisions.

    1. Bernie was “allowed” to run for president twice, and he lost. Sometimes people lose.

      Christ, Bernie-bros. Have you never lost a primary in your life? My candidate has lost all of them except once! You get over it the next day.

      Thanks for Trump, by the way.

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