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Melissa Chen on Fighting Wokeness at Home and Radicalism Abroad

The journalist and free-speech activist says identity politics are destroying the media, higher education, and Hollywood.


"Ideas have consequences," says Melissa Chen. "But so does silence."

Chen is New York editor for The Spectator and managing director of Ideas Beyond Borders, a nonprofit that translates new and classic texts about science, history, and liberal political philosophy into Arabic and distributes them as free ebooks throughout the Middle East. Born and raised in Singapore, Chen came to the United States to study genomics at Boston University; she quickly established herself as a foe of groupthink and political correctness in America while critiquing authoritarian regimes in Singapore, China, and elsewhere. A frequent guest on such shows as The Joe Rogan Experience, Bridget Phetasy's Walk-Ins Welcome, and The Rubin Report, Chen maintains one of the liveliest feeds on Twitter, mixing long threads with sardonic comments on the news of the day.

In this interview, Chen tells Nick Gillespie that an obsessive focus on identity politics led the media to keep insisting without evidence that the murder of massage parlor workers in Atlanta was a hate crime against Asian Americans. She also discusses why Hollywood is changing its products to please censors in the Chinese government, and she argues that the best ways to counter radicalization are speech and information, not repression.

Narrated by Nick Gillespie. Produced and edited by Regan Taylor.

Photo: Masjid Pogung Dalangan on Unsplash; Osman Rana on Unsplash; Aubrey Odom on Unsplash; Chine Nouvelle/SIPA/Newscom; Desmond Wee/The Straits Times/Newscom; Maria Thalassinou on Unsplash; Benoit Debaix on Unsplash; Alex Block on Unsplash; Adi Goldstein on Unsplash; Robin Rayne/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash; Maria Thalassinou on Unsplash

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    1. Stop fetishizing her just because she’s hot.

      1. I fetishized her twice today. Both times were excellent.

        1. I only fetishize her in a woke, non-binary way, and I swear it’s not in the icky, heterosexual way most other white men fetishize incredibly hot women.

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      2. So I did an image search on DuckDuckGo, strictly as research to discuss this topic, btw.

        Yes, she is hot, but there is also a young lady named Melissa Fatima Chen. Just an FYI.

        1. Hmmm…the Melissa Chen from this article is on the board of an outfit called Atheists for Liberty.

          I wonder what she exclaims when she…you know…

            1. She yells out “rice dick”?

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  1. Identity politics is ruining policy at our southern border, as well.

    At the worst of the migrant crisis during Trump’s term, about 150,000 were being arrested coming across the border every month. Under Biden, in March of 2021, they arrested 170,000.

    “HHS doesn’t have enough bed capacity to care for all the children entering the system. As of Thursday, there were nearly 13,400 children in HHS shelters, with nearly 5,400 more waiting in Border Patrol facilities to be transferred. In the past month, the administration has raced to expand shelter capacity, with the Federal Emergency Management Agency helping to select at least nine sites across the southwest U.S., including convention centers, military bases and oil field dormitories, to house the children.”


    Progressives aren’t the only people who deny that moral hazards exist, but they’re the ones who are most likely to insist that believing in moral hazards is xenophobic in the name of identity politics. Still, before DACA, there were less than a thousand asylum seekers per year coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and now, after DACA, there are tens of thousands of children coming from those countries every month–either alone or with their children.

    It is not xenophobic to suspect that promising not to deport people who come here as children creates an incentive for people to send their children to the United States, and it certainly isn’t xenophobic to claim that if DACA had already been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, legislation to protect the dreamers who came here more than ten years ago probably would have already cleared the House and Senate and probably would have been signed by Joe Biden.

    The simplest explanation for why Joe Biden hasn’t resubmitted DACA to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional is because so long as the dreamers aren’t being deported because of DACA, Democrats in red and purple districts and states don’t need to go on the record voting to protect the dreamers from deportation. However, until DACA is declared unconstitutional and the dreamers are protected by constitutional legislation, the dreamers who have been here all their lives will remain in legal limbo, and the incentive for destitute people to send their children to the United States will remain in place.

    1. The vast majority of the open border contingent is ignorant to both reality and basic economics. There is a high negative externalities to this issue. Border counties continue to lose trauma one care centers due to uncompensated care costs in hospitals. Schools are required to spend an average of 2.5x the cost per student for ESL students. There is an explosion of South American gang memberships in California and other states. They actively fund the cartels.

      Instead of working to improve the countries open border advocates ignore reality and think of we just let everyone in things would be great.

      1. “There is an explosion of South American gang memberships in California and other states. They actively fund the cartels.”

        The vast majority of these funds are the direct result of the on-going drug wars. You want this gone? End the drug wars! Plain and simple!

        Also, if immigration is a LONG-TERM bad thing, then Native Americans should have kept Europeans OUT! Since we can’t turn back time, the 2nd-best thing we can do is for all anti-immigration people with “white blood” (or Asian or black blood) to self-export!

        GO YE now, and self-export!

        1. Nice of you to bring up unrelated issues. Drug war is bad, so is human trafficking. 100k a month, 5k a person… of course you’re too ignorant to do the math on that.

          1. I have paid taxi-cab drivers, airlines, buses, and trains to traffic my human body… Does Der JesseBahnFuhrer want to PUNISH them ALL?

            1. A 2-fer on teh ‘tard!

            2. It’s “bannfuhrer”, WK. You’re calling him a railway sergeant otherwise.

              1. Bann… Spell (look it up, ignoramus!)
                “German to English bann” into Google, done!
                Fuhrer… Leader
                Bahn… Rail car, rail road.
                The NAZIs may have passed their storm troopers off as spelling-bee leaders, but I am having NONE of it!
                JesseBahnFuhrer as our leader in a fucking SPELLING BEE?!?! JesseBahnFuhrer misspells, and proudly slut-struts its grade-school education, ALL THE TIME! JesseBahnFuhrer is a leader in RAILROADING us into untruth, all day, every day, and only a moose-fucker from Inner Islamic Canuckistanistanistanistanistan would EVER put JesseBahnFuhrer up as a spelling-bee leader, for aspiring intelligent humanoids!

                JesseBahnFuhrer ALSO lusts after eventually herding all political enemies of the Trumptatorshit onto RAIL (cattle) cars, for shipment to the camps! Heil JesseBahnFuhrer! NOT just a spelling-bee leader!

                1. Sqrlsy can’t into the idea of German homonyms.
                  So retarded.

                2. God, you are fucking stupid.

              2. Sigh, during the Trump administration the commentariat went from being an agora filled with brilliant discussion to being a place to go for stupid, repetitive sub-conversations. And I don’t even have to show up to be a participant because I live rent free in your head.

                1. Pretty rich saying this after you got caught socking squirrel

                  1. Pretty rich saying this after you got caught socking R Mac

                    Look, everyone! R Mac and I have now posted the SAME THING! R Mac is my sock!!!

                    1. That was quick Dee.

                    2. Knew it!

                    3. Poor effort Dee.

                2. White Knight is one of the biggest trolls and sockmasters here, but watch him pretend how he wishes the conversation was uplifting and genteel.

                  1. Be careful, she might steal your handle to teach everyone a lesson about etiquette.

                  2. *I* wish the conversation would go back to being… well, coherent, anyway. It might have occasionally been uplifting. “Genteel” might be a bridge too far. We *are* libertarians, after all. Ok, some of us are.

                3. Yes, because of the presence of morons, such as yourself. Not us.

          2. I dunno, he’s right about ending the drug war. “A blind squirrel will occasionally find an acorn” and all that.

            Of course, then he has to go and ‘tard it up with the comment about how the Native population should have kept Europeans out like it’s an argument winner, when from their perspective, *they actually should have*.

            Like, that’s the *worst possible* argument I can think of for unlimited immigration into what’s now the US. That’s the argument a person would make to demonstrate the *hazards* of unlimited immigration. The Natives didn’t keep the Euros out, and their culture has pretty much been annihilated.

            So… great start, and then way to fuck it up, Sqrlsy.

            1. Native Americans need to go back to Eurasia, then to Africa! Ground sloths, mammoths, and mastodons (and more) did NOT invite them here! You think that “annihilated cultures” are bad? How about species extinctions!?!

              “Immigration big bad and ugly”… THIS is where THAT gets us to!

              1. It wasn’t *actually* an invitation to double down in the stupid.

                1. It’s all xer knows.

                2. perlhaqr, are you Native American? If so, are you resurrecting your poor, wiped-out culture? Who is stopping you from giving up cars and TVs, modern medicine, electricity, and tons of other stuff? You could go back to hunting with bows and stone-tipped arrows! And fighting near-constantly with neighboring tribes!

                  If you are NOT Native American, ***AND*** you oppose immigration (unlike me), then you could STOP being a hypocrite, and go home!

                  For a self-styled libertarian, you SHOULD be able to parse the below!

                  For some unknown reason, the kind of people who get their bowels in an uproar of spewed hatred towards illegal sub-humans, can never find time to address this following argument (Maybe it is too complex for them to “grok”):

                  The collective hive mandated WAY too many licenses, before we’re allowed to earn an honest living… Too many min wages and other mandates. Put too many of us into poverty. To “help” with this poverty problem that The Collective Hive created, The Collective Hive gave us welfare. Welfare then attracts too many illegal sub-humans, sometimes, so to fix THAT problem, The Collective Hive now wants e-verify and giant border walls and giant border armies… And now also property confiscations for wall-building… So I suppose The Collective Hive will next fire up the military draft to fix THAT problem! (Lack of large enough wall-and-army forces).

                  When will we stop the perpetual cycle of Government Almighty always getting bigger, to fix the LAST batch of problems created by excessive Government Almighty?

                    1. Yes, I DO see that the troglodytes don’t have answers to the questions that I raise! What a surprise! More news at 11:00!

                    2. You asked questions? Sorry I missed them, since I don’t actually read your psychotic gibberish.

                    3. R Mac posts in response to stuff that R Mac doesn’t read! R Mac knows ALL, without having to bother to study or learn! Topic = ___? R Mac knows ALL about it, without even reading about what ___ is! If THIS isn’t a good working definition of arrogance and self-righteousness, then what is?

                    4. Still doubling down on stupid. Tripling down? Meh.

                  1. What does any of that have to do with the fact that you made a terrible argument regarding immigration above? I wasn’t pushing the pro or con immigration position at all.

                    I do find it amusing that you’re basically pushing the “White Man’s Burden” narrative regarding the “unenlightened primtives” though.

                    “But TVs instead of arrows!”

                    1. You were bemoaning the loss of Native American culture. Can you at LEAST give up your TV then? And maybe more? Or, in your eyes, should only the “untermenschen” restless natives be forced to do that?

        2. If you’re trying to turn people against immigration, SQRLSY, you’re doing a great job.

          A much better observation is that if a large quantity of cheap labor were associated with poor economic growth, then the slowest growing economy in the world over the past 20 years must have been China’s.

          To the extent that poor immigrants are allowed to come here and live off of our taxes, I would only counter that this problem is by no means exclusive to immigrants. There is a system where people are entitled to welfare because they’re U.S. citizens, but I am not a communist.

          I don’t think anyone can find an example of me being opposed to cutting food stamps, rent subsidies, Medicaid, public schooling, or any other welfare program–regardless of whether the lazy fucks were born in the United States. I’m in favor of cutting all of it today.

          1. “If you’re trying to turn people against immigration…”

            Not the case at ALL! And just FYI, immigration is just ONE example of hypocrisy! I or my ancestors immigrated here (this is true even of “native” Americans if you go back far enough in time)… And now that I am here, I want no more immigrants! Hypocrisy right on its face! Do as I say, not as I and-or my ancestors have done!

            The bigger picture here is that I am trying to turn people off of hypocrisy! And those of us who DARE to do THAT? We, especially, are targets of hatred and hypocrisy! To see details, read

            1. Did you really not understand what I wrote?

              The point was that if you’re not trying to turn people against immigration, maybe you should stop telling them deport themselves for not being Native Americans.

              Is that really hard to understand? Is everything a culture war to you?

              1. Is anti-hypocrisy a “culture war”? All cultures, everywhere, have indulged in at least SOME significant amount of hypocrisy, and it is always WAY TOO MUCH hypocrisy! HOW are we going to reduce hypocrisy without calling it hypocrisy? If YOU know of a way to clearly tell people that they’re hypocrites, WITHOUT hurting their baby feelings, I would sure like to know of it!

                1. Your obsessions seem to have little to do with the issues at hand and everything to do with lashing out at people you consider culturally on the right–to the point that you say shit that makes libertarian issues look bad.

                  I’ve long told Tony that I wanted to discredit progressives in the minds of libertarians, I might do well to pay someone him to go to a libertarian website and say all the stupid shit he says. You seem to be doing the same thing in reverse.

                  If you’re trying to make libertarians look bad to average Americans, you’re doing a great job! If that isn’t your goal, maybe you should think about the shit you say and what it makes average Americans think about libertarians. If you’re trying to make libertarian ideas look good to average Americans, you’re doing a really, really shitty job.

                  1. I think doing a shitty job is what he’s all about, regardless of the issue.

                  2. An ill-informed person knowing next to nothing about libertarianism, coming to, and failing to read the ARTICLES, and going, instead, to the COMMENTS here these days, in an ill-advised attempt to understand libertarianism “as it is in the streets today”, so to speak, would rapidly conclude that libertarianism today means “stopping the steal” by having trumpanzees go apeshit in D.C., trying to replace democracy with mobocracy! THESE “barbarians at the gates”, NOT me, are ruining the name of libertarianism!

                    If not the REAL libertarians, then WHO is going to defend individual freedom and small Government Almighty?

                    1. See Ken, he’s got nothing. He’s just here to shitpost, troll and spam.

                    2. Hey Mamma… How’s your new club coming along? I mean, “Expert Christian Theologians for Justifying Identity Theft?” Gaining many new followers? You have a web site or news letter we can follow?

                    3. The question isn’t whether they’re already libertarian enough for your tastes. The question is why you’re so fixated on cultural issues to the point that you’re making libertarian ideas look bad to people who might want to embrace them otherwise. If you can explain to people why immigration is good for the USA, there’s no good reason to tell patriotic Americans that libertarian support for immigration has something to do with kicking Americans like them out of the country.

                      Now, I, as you may have noticed, am perfectly happy to call people and their ideas stupid when they steadfastly refuse to use facts or logic to make their case–not even after I go into painful detail and explain to them how and why the facts and logic work. Being able to reason, at some level, is absolutely integral to libertarianism. We have no business throwing our pearls before those who aren’t smart enough to understand what they read or don’t care whether they’re right or wrong.

                      The people you’re talking to aren’t like that at all. These are smart, knowledgeable people, who cite facts, make rational arguments, and are often persuasive. I’ve learned things from these people! And yet you’re treating them with nothing but contempt–for reasons that don’t appear to have anything to do with the argument they’re making and everything to do with how you perceive them culturally.

                      Libertarianism is about markets making average people behave with extraordinary intelligence–as if they had knowledge they couldn’t possibly posses. Libertarianism is about how experts and politicians can’t possibly make better choices for us than we can make for ourselves in markets, especially when we take our individual qualitative preferences into consideration. Libertarianism finds the appeal to authority fallacy inherently offensive on an instinctive level, as well as stupid.

                      In addition to the observation that some of the people you’re arguing with seem to be more reasonable than you, your elitism has no support within a libertarian framework. To whatever extent you imagine that libertarianism supports any form of elitism, you’re defaming libertarian capitalism.

                      And there isn’t anything about people being on the right of you, culturally, that makes them less rational than you. And if they can make the anti-libertarian case better than you can respond to it because you’re obsessed with and flailing at their cultural aesthetics, then the fault is with you.

                      In this way, your fly is open.

                    4. What does culture have to do with a psychopath that eats feces, then shits up threads for dessert, Ken?

                    5. “…your elitism …” I espouse only ONE (well OK then 2) elitism(s) (find me any other that I have espoused), and that is, some of us are better informed and more intelligent than others, have some skills that others don’t, but that does ***NOT*** mean that we should will-nilly assert our self-supposed superiority over unwilling others, and boss them around, other than for self-defense or defense of others, in CLEAR cases of violence, theft, etc.! I do NOT, and HAVE not, supported other kinds of power-grabbing “superiority”! I have ONE vote, and do NOT advocate me getting more votes and-or suppressing the votes of others! As the GOP has clearly been doing lately! “One vote” has been replaced by “stop the imaginary steal” and “power to whomever whines and cries and makes up lies” the most!

                      The OTHER kind of elite is a moral-ethical, truth-teller elite, who get killed for their troubles! Do NOT tell the truth to the troglodytes, or they will kill you if they can! Jesus-killers, Mahatma Gandhi-killers, Martin Luther King Jr.-killers, etc., have shown us THEIR way! Now we have the internet, and anonymity, so we can more safely spread our subversive messages! Speaking of which, read if you dare!

                    6. It’s definitely NOT elitist to eat shit, so I don’t think sqrlsy is elitist at all!

                    7. “Jesus-killers”

                      Isn’t this an old anti-Semitic slur for the Jews?
                      SQRLSY and Misek, same-same.

                    8. Pearls before squirrels, Ken.

                      I do actually really appreciate your effort to try and get through to even the most obstinate defiers of reason (Drink!) but I have to admit that I think that you are truly wasting your time in some cases.

          2. And we need all of this cheap labor to restart manufacturing in this country. Oh, wait, the $15 minimum wage will kill that idea on arrival.

            1. China had a comparative advantage that served manufacturing well, so that’s where a lot of their cheap labor went. We had a comparative advantage back when the rest of the industrialized world had been destroyed in World War II. Cheap labor is also good for the service economy. There used to be an old saying for the service industry about how, “You can’t import a haircut”. My last haircut was imported from Colombia. You can’t necessarily import services, but you can import labor through immigration (legal or otherwise).

              And cheap services are just as important (or more so) as cheap manufactured goods from a consumer discretionary income and standard of living standpoint. If cheap labor provides you with gardening services, housecleaning services, childcare services, elderly care services, construction and remodeling services, restaurant services, etc., then in addition to making those services more affordable to more consumers, the cheap labor also makes it possible for American consumers to buy other things with the money they save–because of that cheap labor–that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

              There are suburban women out there who wouldn’t be contributing to the economy with their labor at all if it weren’t for cheap housekeeping, cheap childcare, and cheap elderly care services. The suburbs of the American southwest are full of such women. That is one of the reasons they’re so not impressed with anti-immigration rhetoric. There are other single moms out there who would surely be collecting welfare–instead of working for a living–if it weren’t for the availability of cheap childcare by way of illegal labor. And that’s just one example.

              Labor is a resource, and having more of a resource available for less cost is good for American consumers and Americans’ standard of living. Incidentally, having more oil and natural gas available by way of fracking for less cost is also good for the American economy. Trying to keep an important and inexpensive resource out of the country using the government is like Joe Biden trying to rid the country of cheap oil and natural gas. I understand the arguments against government services, but as I wrote elsewhere, cutting government services doesn’t require eliminating immigration.

              I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016. The worm turned for me when he fought like hell to cut $772 billion from Medicaid.


              It didn’t need to have anything to do with immigration at all.

              1. Any labor coming into the US is by default not cheap labor. It is legally impossible to have cheap labor. The cost of labor is not set to market prices, but rather it’s set at a minimum based on some mouth-breathers in DC.

                It’s impossible to bring manufacturing back to the US when it can be done for less in other countries.

                1. The price for illegal labor is not set by the government any more than the government sets the street price of crack cocaine.

                  When a suburban woman hires the lady that cleans her friend’s house on Mondays to come clean her house on Tuesdays, it’s all under the table. When these working moms decide to hire another illegal alien to watch the kids when they get home from school until their moms get home from work, it’s all under the table–and women with illegal help like that in the suburbs of the southwest are about as common as SUVs.

                  When all those guys are lined up in the parking lot next to the Home Depot so that contractors can come hire them for the day, when they jump in the back of the pickup truck, there isn’t anybody in the government setting their wages at all. They’re paid in cash at the end of each day, usually.

                  1. “The price for illegal labor is not set by the government any more than the government sets the street price of crack cocaine.”

                    The government substantially affects the street price of most illicit drugs. While the Federal minimum wage does not ‘set’ the price of illegal labor it most certainly drives it upward.

      2. Well, we need to be clear what we mean by open borders.

        And if 170,000 people per month are coming across the border and turning themselves in to be arrested so they can make a defensive asylum claim, that isn’t a result of open borders. That’s the result of a closed border.

        Having an open borders treaty with Mexico would simply mean that our Senate ratified a treaty with Mexico which let their citizens cross our border without a visa by simply showing an ID card at a checkpoint, much like we do when we go across their border now or like we do when we cross the border to Canada. Opening the border with Mexico a) wouldn’t necessarily entail any eligibility for federal services and might specifically deny them and b) wouldn’t open the border with El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras, which is where the flood of kids are coming from making these asylum claims.

        Moreover, an open borders treaty with Mexico would make our borders more secure than it is now–because instead of chasing a swarm of migrants coming to look for work spread across thousands of square miles of desert in the middle night, Mexican citizens who aren’t wanted criminals, etc. would simply use a border check point if they could cross by simply showing an ID. The only people who would be out there in the middle of the night would be the bad guys, who couldn’t across the border by showing an ID without getting arrested. We could even make various vaccinations a prerequisite for having a valid ID to cross the border.

        Point being, “open borders” has come to mean lots of things to lots of different people, and just like people who are otherwise opposed to abortion except in cases of rape and incest shouldn’t necessarily be lumped in with people who don’t think abortion should be legal–not even in cases of rape–all open borders advocates are not the same.

        Open borders certainly isn’t the same thing as erasing the border. If we don’t need a visa to enter Canada and Canadians don’t need a visa to enter the United States, that doesn’t mean the border has been erased–at all.

        1. I would actually support that sort of an open border with Mexico.

  2. Georgia democrats are already retreating from their attacks on the voting law due to the pushback against the corporate woke statements and the MLB.

    They lie about the law and then run from the consequences.

    1. Andrew Jackson founded that party on the mad pursuit of power using racism, slavery and lies, and it’s never going to change.

      1. At least Jackson was against federal infrastructure spending.
        And was the last US President to balance the budget.

  3. Democrats circled back to full on racist and sexist behavior and the woke cheered.

    1. Erwache is German for Woke, popular in 1933

      1. It means ‘awake’ not woke

        1. Is there a German word for woke?

  4. “However, until DACA is declared unconstitutional and the dreamers are protected by constitutional legislation, the dreamers who have been here all their lives will remain in legal limbo, and the incentive for destitute people to send their children to the United States will remain in place.”


  5. I thought we had agreed that identity politics was much like cancel culture, a fiction invented by the right to attack the left and that, if it exists at all, the right engages in just as much, if not more so, than the left. I get confused about these things some times.

    1. To be sure.

  6. I’m happy to see Reason lumbering, slowly into the identity politics problem in this country. Better late than never.

    1. Pretty sure the general plan here has been “better late than effective” for years.

      At least in terms of all things progressive.

  7. Very relevant and good article in the Atlantic today by Conor Friedersdorf:

    ‘The Narrative Is, “You Can’t Get Ahead”’

    In Evanston, Illinois, a Black parent and school-board candidate takes on a curriculum meant to combat racism.

    1. Thanks, DOL!

      From there…

      My son has wanted to be a lawyer since he was 11. Then one day he came home and told me, “But Mommy, there are these systems put in place that prevent Black people from accomplishing anything.” That’s what they’re teaching Black kids: that all of this time for the past 400 years, this is what [white people have] done to you and your people. The narrative is, “You can’t get ahead.”

      SQRLSY back now… The ONLY allowable hypothesis is, “Mighty Whitey is to be blamed”! The LAST allowable hypothesis will be, “Too many quotas, and degrees, credentials, and licenses are required, and WAAAAY too many OTHER forms of Government Almighty meddling!”

    2. “And some of the propaganda that’s being spread right now here in Evanston is similar to some of the divisiveness that took place in Rwanda before the massacre. I’m not saying that is what’s going to happen here, but when you start labeling people in a negative manner based on their race or ethnic group, this leads to division and destruction, not finding common ground and positive solutions.”

      Well, I think some of the people that spread this propaganda absolutely hope for something like that to happen.

    3. She’s not wrong.

    4. Thanks for posting this link. I suspect most black people feel the same way as this woman.

  8. Controversy about wokeness is just a distraction from the real problem: social security and medicare. These programs must be abolished. Then old people will have to get serious and wokeness, identity politics, cancel culture, critical race theory and all the other boogeymen the ‘free speech warriors’ hyperventilate about will evaporate.

  9. “identity politics, cancel culture, critical race theory and all the other boogeymen the ‘free speech warriors’ hyperventilate about will evaporate.”
    Nope. Ending SS/MC would impact BIWOCs far more than “others”. It is known. Racist of you to even suggest.

    1. Exactly. Thanks for making my point. They would just cry ‘racist!’ and all these other distractions would evaporate. Sorry but it’s the only way.

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  12. I can’t think of a rational consequence for an “idea.”

  13. Germany had a Woke movement as of 1933. Its posters read Deutschland erwache!

    1. Which means ‘Germany is Awake’

      Jubelt ihr deutschen Brüder
      Deutschland ist neu erwacht!

  14. How to fight wokeness and radicalism?

    Stop giving those [WE] mob’s Gov-Gun (legislative) *powers* to *entitle* themselves. Give every one of them Individual Liberty and Justice and ZERO mob power. The lefty normalization of the Power-to-Steal is the underlining catalyst that initiated these curs-id groups in the first place.

    Thievery is off the hooks by politicians; How much stuff will you ‘buy’ that you didn’t *EARN* this year? Things that aren’t willfully *given* by the correct owner and taken without *EARNINGS* is STOLEN… Nothing confusing about it.

  15. She is hot

  16. Nothing to see here but bots, pissing matches, and sophomoric comments on a woman being hot. Vast wasteland indeed.

  17. Here is the definition of the word Woke from the Merriam Webster dictionary:
    chiefly US slang
    : aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

    So if Woke means being aware and active in opposing racism and social injustice, how come tens of millions of Americans see this attitude as evil. There are only two answers. One, they are people who feel that America can only thrive as a survival of the fittest society in which the state has no role to play, or, are racists who don’t want anyone telling them not to say nigger. Bottom line, both groups are sociopathic people without empathy.

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