Teachers Unions

California's Teachers Unions Are Still Fighting To Keep Children at Home

Despite billions in additional funding and assurances from the CDC and Anthony Fauci that schools can operate safely in person, the unions are holding out for 100 percent vaccination and lower transmission rates.


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A majority of California's K-12 schools have been closed for in-person instruction for an entire year. During this time, the federal government has given California schools about $8 billion to retrofit buildings for better ventilation, to stock up on masks and sanitation gear, to create rapid COVID testing procedures, and to reconfigure classrooms to maintain more distance between students.

Even California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has overseen one of the strictest lockdowns in the nation, says it's time for schools to re-open for in-person instruction—now.

"If everybody has to be vaccinated we might as well just tell people the truth," Newsom said during an online symposium with school administrators. "There will be no in-person instruction in the state of California."

The state government has also earmarked an additional $2 billion for school districts willing to re-open K-2 classrooms by the end of March. That's still not enough to appease California teachers unions, many of which continue to oppose in-person instruction despite a growing scientific consensus that it can be done safely.  

"If you condition funding on the reopening of schools," said United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) President Cecily Myart-Cruz on the union's YouTube channel, "that money will only go to white and wealthier schools that do not have the transmission rates that low-income black and brown communities do." UTLA didn't respond to Reason's interview requests. 

California's resistance to re-opening is part of a national movement, backed by organized labor, to keep American school children at home until all teachers, staff, and—in some people's opinion—even students are offered the chance to be fully vaccinated. It's a requirement that many scientists say is far too stringent. Continuing to keep schools closed, they argue, poses a bigger risk to children. 

"As difficult as it was to close school classrooms, reopening is even harder," said Austin Beutner, Los Angeles's top education official. "We cannot, and will not, compromise on health and safety." 

Beutner, who declined to be interviewed by Reason, has said that schools will not reopen until all of the district's faculty and staff are offered vaccines, and even then the union doesn't want to reopen until community spread is much lower.

Los Angeles County recently made all of its approximately 85,000 school district employees eligible for vaccination but, because of supply shortages, it isn't clear whether the health department can reach that benchmark before the school year is over.

Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree that 100 percent vaccination shouldn't be a prerequisite for school reopening. 

"[It is] rather impractical to make that a sine qua non [without which, not] of opening the schools," Fauci said in a February 17 White House briefing. 

Ernesto Falcon is the father of a 3- and a 5-year-old and a member of Open Schools California, a coalition of parents pushing for schools to reopen in person without delay. 

"The damage to the kids is enormous," Falcon tells Reason. "They don't have a powerful political constituency, with millions of dollars at their hands in Sacramento. They have us, they have parents."

The California Teachers Association, which didn't respond to our interview request, has been running ads with a safety-first message.

"COVID's still a threat," one ad's narrator says over images of headlines reporting hundreds of cases in California schools. "And on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first."

Brown University economist Emily Oster believes that, for the most part, transmission is not occurring in schools. Oster created a national database that tracks the spread of the disease in schools. Its evidence suggests it is possible to operate your school safely even without a vaccine.

"There are many, many districts, including districts in dense urban areas, serving a lot of students of color that have been open since September, without teacher vaccinations, and have been operating safely," Oster tells Reason. "To say that somehow it is only possible to operate schools safely once teachers have been vaccinated—I just don't think the data supports that."

The teachers union is misleading the public about what the evidence actually says. A headline that says "San Diego County had 283 school COVID-19 cases in two months" appears in its TV ad. The headline did appear in The San-Diego Union Tribune, but the end, which said "but data are limited," was cut out. 

The cases referenced were merely "associated" with K-12 schools, and there is no evidence that they were contracted in classrooms. The article goes on to explain that although 237 students district-wide tested positive, that's out of 500,000 students—a positivity rate of 0.05 percent. 

Another headline in the ad reports of an outbreak of COVID-19 at a high school, which forced hundreds of students into quarantine. The headline did appear in The Sacramento Bee, but the outbreak saw a total of 33 students test positive for COVID in a district of 11,500—a positivity rate of 0.2 percent. 

Another claim that union and school district representatives often make is that reopening schools without vaccines will place racial and ethnic minorities disproportionately at risk. Oster says that these are the very communities that are disproportionately harmed by school closures.

"Kids who live in richer districts are getting a much different schooling environment than many kids who live in worse off districts and COVID has only made that worse," she says. "The differences in the quality of the remote education in the spring, the differences in the reopening rates in the fall, the differences in the quality of remote education in the fall, all of these things have contributed to highlight these very bad inequities."

Falcon says he's offended by talk of equity, given that students at most of California's private schools have had in-person instruction for months. This includes the governor's children.

"All the private schools are open in this area," says Falcon. "All the public schools for the wealthy are open now, and it's the middle class and poor that don't have their constitutional right to free education."

"I'm a first-generation American. My parents are immigrants. They grew up poor in South America," Falcon says. "If it wasn't for education and access to education for them, they would not be professionals and live the comfortable life [they live today]."

Falcon, a public advocacy attorney and a longtime proponent of public education, says he's been shocked by the teachers unions' efforts to obfuscate the evidence on school reopening.  

He was also outraged when board members at one Bay Area school district suggested that parents wanted in-person schooling so they wouldn't have to watch after their own kids and could stay home smoking weed. The board members didn't realize that the meeting had started broadcasting, and they ended up resigning. 

"I actually started my own union where I work, and so I know exactly what collective bargaining is for," says Falcon. "To use that power to keep the schools closed longer than the health and science authorities say is safe and right is really an abuse of collective bargaining."

Recent polls suggest that a majority of Americans favor fully vaccinating all teachers before reopening, but Oster predicts that public opinion will shift as more schools reopen and Americans see for themselves that it's not particularly dangerous. 

"I think the thing we need to recognize is the first moments of going back are going to be the most nerve-racking," says Oster. "Once people see that this is something we can do safely, they will be interested in opting in."

Despite the $6.6 billion earmarked for reopening, many unions, including United Teachers Los Angeles, continue to oppose reopening until all teachers who want the vaccine have received it. But the state's agreement doesn't require local districts to negotiate with unions on reopening.

Falcon says that his faith in the public school system is shaken and that he is seriously considering sending his kids to private school. 

"The teachers unions are not understanding the extent they are losing more and more parents who are going to private school right now, who are not going to look back," Falcon says. "And when different politicians will say, 'Hey, we need to boost private schooling instead of public schooling,' they're going to have more people supporting that idea than less."

Falcon says he wants to support public education, "but if my kid is going to be denied and screwed by the way the system works, what am I supposed to do?"

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Graphics by Paul Detrick. 

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  2. “Falcon says that his faith in the public school system is shaken and that he is seriously considering sending his kids to private school.”

    All the politicians and their cronies (the same ones that champion public schools) send their kids to private schools. It’s been the case for many decades. Should have been a big hint.

  3. Despite billions in additional funding and assurances from the CDC and Anthony Fauci

    To be fair, I might see why they’d be reluctant to follow this science.

    1. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I’ll follow science, I will not follow propaganda or someone else’s agenda.

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  4. It is racist, sexist, misogynistic, and white supremacist to expect members of teachers unions to actually go to work.

    And you don’t want to be any of those things, do you?

    1. According to every on line authority, I am those things, so I am now free to act out those beliefs.

    2. No Sir. Attending Chicago Pubic Schools during busing and getting labeled those things on a daily basis taught me an important lesson. Distance is the only answer. 1100 miles was just about right.

      1. Ahhh you also grew up on the Westside, right by Malcom ten college

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  5. Ban public sector unions already. Every city, every local government should make their employment contracts at will and pass legislation to prevent collective bargaining against the taxpayer.

    1. Just don’t voice those beliefs in any union controlled area, you will get shouted down. If you have never lived in a historically Democrat ruled city, you may be unaware of how much the local folks love those unions. Most people support the unions and believe that the unions are their only chance at a “living wage”. If you think this will change, go check out the massive lines people wait in to try to get a union job. They are usually around the block. It is a waste of time usually, nepotism/cronyism rules, but they still wait in those lines for a chance at getting a union job.

  6. The war today is online not in the streets or at a protest. We lost because too few fight where it really matters. Some of them tried but got their asses handed to them on twitter or facebook. If people put the same effort and perseverance into fighting the socialists on enemy terrain as they do into making cowardly excuses for running away, we could have won.

    1. Won what, exactly? Why fight with them online? Just don’t listen to them. You have to know that 99% of the people in this country hate the WOKE. Sooner or later, everyone will learn to not listen to their nonsense. If you don’t listen, what can they do? Loot? Burn buildings? The have already done everything that they can do. Yawn. They burn their own cities, it is only troubling when you live there. They get to live with those burned buildings. Just a daily reminder of the “I can’t breathe” nonsense.
      Just know that there is no actual law against being a racist. That is a fact. Nobody can force you to like or hate others. You are free to decide whom you accept and whom you hate. I think the biggest problem is that people aren’t taught the actual laws.
      The greatest fear of the WOKE shits is being ignored. They didn’t get a face tattoo and pink hair just to be ignored! When they become frustrated and act on their racism, we can start killing them freely. Sooner or later, the people in the cities will tire of them and they will be targeted and destroyed by the law abiding, non-woke people that make this country work.
      They were gassed and chased out of my town by armed men the second they started to act out. Location, location, location.

      1. Your persistent excuses for cowardice are why we lost and will keep losing. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the article and my original comment. And then reply here to prove my point again.)

        1. “Your persistent excuses for cowardice”

          Attacking your allies like that is why you lost. And you’ll attack me for saying so, then try to blame me for your losses.

          1. Gosh if only you had used this cohesion and persistence to fight the enemy like I do, we could have won (on lockdowns and Trump and everything else). But you didn’t and you lost and now you have only yourself to blame. Now keep bickering with me to prove my point:

            1. “Gosh if only you had ”

              Told you you’d attack me and blame me for your losses.

              Sad that you can’t own up to your own behaviors

              1. That kind of behavior is why he’s an addict.

                Shame he needs to berate and scold others to make himself feel better.

                1. He’s embarrassed because he lost. Don’t be too hard on him just because he knows his own behavior caused ot and he’s acting out.

                  It makes him feel better about the hole he dug for himself with his own behavior.

                  1. Meanwhile CA schools are still closed. If you support that then yes, you won. Congrats. But if we can’t even beat the socialists here then we have no chance in the real world.

                    1. Still attacking me like I said you would because you’re embarrassed about your own failure.

                    2. I’m disappointed by our failure. However, I fought and can prove it. You didn’t, or you’re a socialist attacking libertarians, or you’re a libertarian who cowardly attacks your allies. Take your pick.

                    3. “our”

                      There you go trying to blame others for your own failure again.

                      My schools are open. Your failure is your fault.

                    4. “I fought and can prove it”

                      No you can’t because you didn’t. You attacked people on Twitter instead.

                    5. Is that true?

                    6. It is. He attacked a bunch of people for not doing his work for him and then as proof that he has done work…he posted a link to him attacking people on Twitter for not doing his work for him.

                    7. said he could prove it, then went dark after he got called out

                    8. I fought the enemy from the beginning and have extensive proof.

                      You didn’t and so you have no proof. And that’s fine, but it’s why we lost. Either that or you don’t care about the schools (or lockdowns or anything else).

                    9. I fought the enemy from the beginning and have extensive proof.

                    10. “HompIe
                      March.4.2021 at 7:13 pm
                      “I fought and can prove it”

                      No you can’t because you didn’t. You attacked people on Twitter instead.

              2. Yes you did tell him, and his lack of self control caused him to explode at you anyway. Kind of embarrassed for him.

                1. It’s ok, he knows. It’s why he ran away and hid and won’t be back. He knows he lost.

                  1. Yes, we lost the battle to open the schools. I’m just showing why.

                    1. No we. You.

                      And you’re still blaming others because you know you failed.

                    2. LOL. Yes of course I could have fought harder. But even that wouldn’t be enough as long as the socialists like you are running rampant in even a libertarian space like Reason. (And if you’re a libertarian then we lost because too many of you cowardly bickered with your allies for a cheap ‘win’ while I was fighting the enemy.)

                    3. Schools here are open.

                      AddictionMyth knows others did it better and he can’t admit he failed.

                    4. “Schools here are open”

                      Same. Too bad AddictionMyth needs others as his fall guy even though he admits his failure is from his own behavior.

                      March.4.2021 at 6:58 pm
                      LOL. Yes of course I could have fought harder. But

                      Even there he add the “But” because he simply can’t accept it was his own failure that brought him to this.

                    5. Obviously I’m the only person here who even cares that schools are still closed. (And that businesses are still shut down.)

                      Libertarians have only ourselves to blame. (I fought hard but too many of you only bickered with your allies.)

                    6. “schools are still closed.”

                      Mine aren’t.

                      Yours are because you attack other people and post on Twitter then pretend that’s real effort.

                    7. Obviously I’m the only person here who even cares that schools are still closed.

                      Maybe if schools were open a reading teacher could help you

                      March.4.2021 at 7:00 pm
                      Schools here are open.

                      AddictionMyth knows others did it better and he can’t admit he failed.

                    8. Well, after attacking everyone in sight and blaming everyone but himself he has few options. It’s that kind of behavior that made him an addict, sadly.

                    9. he has few options.

                      Yeah I’m trying not to be too hard oh him because after failing so badly for so long it’s normal for him to act out.

                      It’s that kind of behavior that made him an addict, sadly.

                      Yeah. I’m sure that’s not his fault either /s

        2. Cowardice? I did 4 trips to Iraq with an A-team early in the wars. I did 3 trips to Afghanistan as a contractor. I did at least a dozen trips to Bosnia with an A-team and worked directly with the Chiefs of Police, Mayors, and senior military officials to clean up a genocide. I was up front doing the fighting while you pecked at your keyboard. Fight with you? Do you call whining like a little bitch fighting? Grab an M4 pussy, you have a lot of fighting to go reach my experience level.
          You can call me Master Sergeant you weak, internet buffoon.

          1. Yes, fighting with guns under the protection of American tanks is cowardice. These days the war is online.

            1. So you admit you attacked people

        3. You sound a lot like the “woke” who attack innocent people for not being “anti-racist”.

          1. Ironically; “woke anti-racist” = Everything is defined by race = racist.

    2. I didn’t run away. I got ‘banned’. EVERY SINGLE left-leaning news outlet has banned me; not for curse words, trolling, or anything substantial. JUST by commenting about the U.S. Constitution.

      Lefty Censorship on the Internets press-market has been going on for years but it’s really not of concern except for the building of “useful idiots”. The only cure would be how to fix STUPID.

      1. I too have gotten banned on every site including Reason. So what? I got back up and dusted myself off and kept fighting. I didn’t make excuses or relentlessly attack my allies.

        Follow me on twitter and I’ll show you how to do it. Or keep making excuses for cowardice, up to you.

        1. Considering you’re advertising your own site… Hmmm… Maybe that’s why? I always wondered if it was possible to be banned by Reason; for me it’s so far so good.

          1. So now when someone is banned, “They had it coming.” Not very libertarian – which is why we keep losing.

            In fact Reason banned me because I was winning too much and the commentariat couldn’t stand it. (E.g. witness this current pile-on.) After a few years they let me back on. (Though other sites I was banned permanently.)

            It’s increasingly clear to me that you don’t want to win. Perhaps you’re an arms dealer who benefits by increasing the rift between liberals and conservatives hoping for a civil war.

  7. Give them all the opening conditions they want, but no pay until all schools are fully open to in person attendance. And no pension credit for the shut down time.

  8. The best part is watching the public school system and their lousy teachers get dragged through the mud. Government daycare is pointless, get your kids out now.

  9. All of that good ventilation doesn’t sound very green. Do they hate the planet that much?

  10. Actually, Oakley isn’t Oakland, but rather a fairly small agricultural town in the Sacramento river delta, sort of nearer to Stockton or Sacramento.
    Lots of tree crops, like apricots and peaches.

    1. So……fruits and nuts? I thought so too.

  11. My mom teaches in Baltimore City. The only thing her union asked for from the onset was PPE’s available at school, ample soap and paper towels and that teachers are vaccinated. Mom went back to her school two weeks ago . Only 20% of her students showed up because their parents kept them home because she teaches a medically fragile group. She has two wheel chair bound students in her classroom and the rest of her students are still being taught on Zoom at their parent’s request. Stop blaming teachers for all the world’s troubles. Also if you actually believe that teachers are deliberately not doing their jobs then fuck you and go and teach your own children.

    1. Well as the article above clearly proves teachers are deliberately not doing their jobs. You could add Chicago and every blue state big city to that group. Human beings taught their own children for thousands of years before the NEA reared it’s ugly head and most still would if they weren’t strapped into a harness paying half of their income so government racketeers can retire in comfort.

    2. “Also if you actually believe that teachers are deliberately not doing their jobs”

      They openly admit it. It’s literally in the article moron.

      “fuck you”

      No fuck YOU you lazy layabout fuck we all know you’re talking about yourself not your mother

      1. You are incorrect. I am an electrical engineer with an MSc in mathematical sciences. My mother is a special education teacher. You don’t know me so your comments are meaningless to me.

        1. No AddictionMyth I know it’s you you’re talking about. Not your mom. Sad that you sockpuppet and lie.

          You don’t have a Master’s degree in anything. You’re a paraprofessional in a class, not even a real teacher.

          You don’t know me so your comments are meaningless to me.

          Your very salty Rep-lie proves otherwise.

          1. There’s simply no hope for you and your incestuous gene pool.

        2. Is mathematical sciences what math teachers get….

          . MMS degrees are currently being offered in the following specializations:

          Mathematical Biosciences
          Mathematics for Educators
          Computational Sciences

          Yeap. So youre a teacher not doing your job. And a failed EE.

          1. I hold a current Virginia PE license but I love the way you just hurl insults at people you don’t know. I have been an electrical engineer for 7 years. Since you think you know me do you have anything useful to say or is only about invective. I’ll repeat myself for the sake of clarity. Baltimore teachers demanded and are getting the vaccine and PPE. I am not speaking about other unions around the US. Also just for your own edification there are numerous US “right-to-work” states where student test scores are at the bottom of the scale. Check out MI, LA, AK. Math teachers at the HS level FYI have education degrees with a concentration in teaching mathematics not an MSc in mathematical sciences. Start contributing intelligent comments or go back to watching porn. Sheesh!

    3. When all the parents decide to teach their own she’ll be out of a job, you ignorant slut. Fuck the teachers’ unions in the ass with a rusty chainsaw.

      1. Ignorant slut? How very original. Mom has enough years to retire at full pension right now. Excellent pension by the way. $3440/month plus full medical, dental and optical. Try not to be too jealous you silly little person.

      2. In the ass? Sounds so medieval.

    4. Your mom was paid generously for her tenure as teacher. If she was white the leftists would accuse her of enjoying “white privilege” all her life.

      Indeed, when teachers don’t do their jobs, the students of color suffer the most. Every black and brown kid in states like CA are now nearly a year behind their education. Many Asian parents who moved to this country for their children’s future are now pondering their fate – schools aren’t opening and some states are eliminating programs that benefits Asians. A nation that doesn’t educate its youth has no future. Literally.

      There are Mexicans who work in tight conditions that require close contact with people. The teachers get 5 times their salary and won’t come for work “unless it’s 100% safe”? It’s nauseating sanctimony. Some parents of special needs children might be reluctant to send their kids to a half empty school with half committed teachers where there’s little chance for social interaction. No one’s trying in schools. No one.

      You’re kinda right about one thing. It’s not all on the teachers. If this was Korea, parents would drag their kids to Zoom instruction classes every single time. Or the government would throw contracts to private learning academies so they have the resources to expand. But this America where many parents don’t give a shit about their kids’ education and school choice is toxic among the left. Thousands of kids just dropped out of school. The mostly white and occasional Asians that take to the streets to reopen to school represent a plurality of sane people. But since they’re white, the TU can spin narratives about “reopening schools is white supremacy”.

      1. Playing the race card is a loser’s game.

  12. Teachers unions: The best thing that ever happened to the school choice movement.

    1. And moving companies in 2020!

      1. Bon voyage.

  13. The only real questions are A), how far parents are willing to let this go before they realize that they don’t really need the public schools, and B), will the teachers see this cliff far enough ahead that they can keep from goose-stepping over it?

  14. “Falcon, a public advocacy attorney, and a long time proponent of public education….”

    Anyone who has been around public education for a long time and still is a proponent, deserves what they get.

    1. Very true (cue John Lennon….”Imagine there’s….”.

  15. I’m in the east bay, it’s impressive how pissed off people are getting with the teacher’s union. Their demands are just nuts. They’ve successfully run out the clock to where they can be vaccinated, but there’s a carve out in the contract for teachers that refuse to vaccinate. Which is it? Do we need vaccines or not? Assholes.
    They also parse everything out of the CDC looking for ways out – 6 feet minimum spacing for kids (good luck in the current facilities), shut every class down for quarantine 2 weeks if anyone has a sniffle (not just the one with a symptom + contact tracing? Not going back if there’s a negative covid test the next day?).
    The pathetically meager hybrid plan on offer is designed to fail. Also designed to pretend they’re doing something, while doing little. The school board is union dominated, and the president has a PHD in union worship (which I was exaggerating about this part).
    Parents are really pissed. Public board meetings have been lit. Nothing will change until the union feels damn good and ready.

  16. The Biden administration has come up with a brilliant ploy to avoid having to allow any daylight between them and the teacher’s unions; give every last dose of the new J&J vaccine to “educators” only.

    1. So what would be so terrible about giving teachers the vaccine, ASAP? Everyone wants teachers back in the classroom do let’s expedite this one now.

      1. (1) Vaccine rollout is state level responsibility, and states like CA implemented complicated equity requirement that slowed things down.

        (2) As someone mentioned above, some teachers may also opt out of vaccination.

        People were working without vaccines for months during the height of the pandemic. Private schools have been open for months and no major outbreak occurred there. Science has shown that schools are generally safe.

        The teacher’s union have no ground to ask for privileges and concessions that aren’t given to 99% of the workforce. The economy would be half dead if people said “I’m not going back until everything is 100% safe”. You people are playing a dangerous game at the most uncertain time, and the victims will be people of color.

        If you care about people of color, then teachers would make every effort to come back educate their young. You tell me how minorities can elevate themselves in society if they can’t read or do basic math, much less smash systemic racism.

  17. I remember when the big complaint from Democrats was ‘we have no federal plan!!’
    Now that we have one they choose to ignore it.

  18. Florida’s public schools opened last August.
    The teachers union lost the lawsuit to prevent that.
    There was no surge in cases of corona virus.
    Governor Desantis just said he’s not going to close the schools this year.
    Anyone who cares to look can see that states that stayed open did better than states that locked down.

  19. Keeping children at home and away from their government non-worker members in government schools is and will be the only good that teachers unions have ever done for children.

    Willingly sending our children to government schools is child abuse.

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