Climate Change

Should We Abolish Fossil Fuels to Stop Global Warming? A Soho Forum Debate

Jeff Nesbit vs. Bjorn Lomborg on the threat of climate change and what should be done about it


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To combat climate change, the world's nations must make it their highest priority to completely replace the burning of fossil fuels within the next 20 years.

If governments don't completely eliminate fossil fuels by 2040, society is doomed, says Jeff Nesbit, author of This Is the Way the World Ends.

That kind of apocalyptic rhetoric "costs us trillions, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet," says Bjorn Lomborg, the author of False Alarm.

Are fossil fuels an imminent threat to human life, or are attempts to eliminate them more destructive? That was the subject of an Oxford-style online Soho Forum debate hosted on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Arguing in favor of the complete elimination of fossil fuels over 20 years was Nesbit, who is the executive director of Climate Nexus. He went up against Lomborg, who is the president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The debate was moderated by Soho Forum director Gene Epstein.

Narrated by Nick Gillespie, edited by Ian Keyser, intro by John Osterhoudt

Music: "Under Cover" by Wayne Jones

Photos: Gina M Randazzo/ZUMA Press/Newscom; SEBASTIAN SILVA/EFE/Newscom; imageBROKER/Jim West/Newscom; Stefan Boness/Ipon/SIPA/Newscom.