Election 2020

Libertarian Party Candidate Jo Jorgensen: Don't Waste Your Vote on Trump or Biden

The Libertarian presidential nominee is polling at 5 percent. Who are her followers?


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Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party's nominee, is the only presidential candidate besides Donald Trump and Joe Biden who is on the ballot in all 50 states. One recent poll has her pulling 5 percent nationally, and another has her at 4 percent—perhaps enough to cover the spread between the president and his Democratic challenger.

Who is supporting the 63-year-old Clemson psychologist? Jorgensen tells Reason's Nick Gillespie that she's drawing "people who believe that they should be able to make their own decisions. People who believe that they should have a right to decide their child's education, which health care they want and which health care they don't want, [how] to control their retirement dollars, and that they should be able to make a choice of whether or not they wear a mask." (Jorgensen herself masks up in public spaces and in businesses that request customers wear them.)

Jorgensen wants to cut the size and spending of government in half, bring overseas troops home, legalize drugs, and reform police and the criminal justice system. "If I could sit around the kitchen table of every American family in this country," she says, "I would win by a landslide." 

Responding to the canard that voting for a third-party candidate is a wasted vote, Jorgensen says that voting for a major-party candidate out of tribal loyalty is the true missed opportunity. To Republicans, she says, "If you live in a solidly red state [and] and you don't like what Donald Trump has been doing, if you don't like the bigger government he's given you, then voting for him is a wasted vote." Her message to "Democrats, especially Democrats in California, in New York," is similar: "Don't vote for Joe Biden. If you want more war, if you want more of your rights taken away, if you think that you have a right to have access to marijuana, a vote for him as a wasted vote, because he's not going to [give you] what you really want."

Edited by John Osterhoudt. Additional Graphics by Lex Villena.

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  1. Libertarian Voters: Don't waste your vote on Jo Jorgensen.

    1. Meh, she's got my vote. Kansas electors will go to Trump anyway. At least this way I get to feel smug and self-righteous in not being complicit in major-party hypocrisy.

      1. Idk if it's just her running mate and some of her BLM rhetoric but I just can't find anything about her to get that excited about. Generally speaking I also like Trump. I also see voting Trump as a way to say fuck you to the media and rabid lefties who've expended considerable effort trying to ruin this country because the Bad Orange.
        I live in IL, so voting Trump isn't that much different from voting Jorgensen lol.

        1. Yeah, I'd much prefer that Harris/Biden don't win, but I won't have any effect on that one way or the other. Whoever wins, I want them to do it with a plurality, not a majority. I can at least play a small role in that.

          Agree about the L ticket. I would have much rather seen Monds get the VP nod.

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      2. >>major-party hypocrisy

        T is the Anti-(R).

        Also how sad, I never miss a Cats game in Norman ... until this year.

        1. Holy shit! How the hell did that even happen? Before the game I thought they did have a snowball's chance in Bermuda to win. After going down 21 in the third qt, snowball's chance on the sun. Hell of a game... GO CATS!

      3. Well, I live in Oregon, and it doesn't matter at all for whom I vote. Oregon's electoral votes will go to whomever wins the national popular vote. Even if every single vote in the State supported the "second place" finisher in the national popular vote, the "first place finisher" in that vote will get Oregon's electoral votes. This is, somehow, I guess, supposed to be more "democratic." LOL

        1. I thought the recent Supreme Court decision torpedoed the national popular vote compact.

          1. If anything, the recent Supreme Court ruling on Faithless Electors *strengthened* the case that states have the authority to enter into the national popular vote compact.

            1. It's Chiafalo vs. Washington. The ruling said states could penalize (or replace) Electors who don't keep their pledge. It doesn't directly say how that pledge is made, but Justice Kagan set the trap for the national popular vote compact folks in her consenting opinion:

              Kagan wrote "Today, we consider whether a State may also penalize an elector for breaking his pledge and voting for someone other than the presidential candidate who won his State's popular vote. We hold that a State may do so...The Constitution's text and the Nation's history both support allowing a State to enforce an elector's pledge to support his party's nominee — and the state voters' choice — for President."

              Nothing in their about enforcing an elector's pledge to support the national public vote winner or any other kind of nonsense.

        2. Wow, I don't remember hearing about that, and I just had to look it up. That seems insane... par for the course in politics I guess.

        3. Are you sure about that? I believe that Oregon is part of the electoral consortium. They will not begin this practice until enough states to represent 270 EVs join up, and they are currently around 200 or so.

          1. You seem to be correct about its not being in effect just yet. It's a bit confusing (I haven't read the bill itself), but from CNN: "The compact will only go into effect if the cumulative total of the states' electoral votes surpasses the 270 necessary for a majority, which would require states that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 to sign on."

            1. but from CNN

              I think we've found the reason for your confusion.

        4. They're gonna change that real quick if Trump gets the popular vote.

          1. Wow, could you imagine the rage in Portland if that happens.

            1. It's like they can't ever imagine being out of power. I hope it happens because it's exactly what we warned about when they signed the stupid little rule.

          2. Zero chance Trump wins the popular vote.

            1. They said in 2016 zero chance that he'll win! Never say never!

            2. ....assuming the dems literally steal it via ballot stuffing/harvesting.

            3. I think that Biden's "your taxes will go up if I'm the president" practically guarantees Trump's popular victory. After that, only an idiot could vote for Biden. Hopefully there aren't enough idiots in the USA to elect Biden.
              On the other hand, nothing can be made idiot-proof. Idiots are too inventive.

        5. No, it's not supposed to be more democratic. The Electoral College was established as a counter to mob rule. Problem is that its creators couldn't envision the urbanized 21st century.

          1. Sure they could. Less populous states were already worried about states with big population centers dominating politics if there was popular voting.

            The cities are just bigger now, so it's an even more valid concern.

          2. There's nothing wrong with the Electoral College itself. The problem is with winner-take-all states. All problems with the EC can be addressed by having more states split their vote. Also states need to stop promising to prosecute so-called "faithless" electors, and the courts need to stop supporting that.

          3. Problem is that its creators couldn’t envision the urbanized 21st century.

            I don't get the fondness for these silly and utterly baseless "the founders couldn't envision X" arguments.

            1. Because they are real.

              The EC was created to balance rural and agrarian areas, but the America was primarily agrarian at the time.

              There is no way Founders could have conceived of a state like Oregon, which is more agrarian than urbanized when looking at its geography. However, most people in the state live in three cities in the same valley and dominate the rest of the state.

              Take NY as another example. NYC was about a tenth of the state population in 1890. Today, it's almost half the state population.

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        6. That sounds like voter disenfranchisement. It's not enough for a vote to be counted if the results will be ignored no matter what they say.

          1. Not really. The constitution makes it clear that the States choose the president. The States don't, under federal law, even have to give their citizens the chance to vote for the president. The same was true, for a time, with U. S. Senators.

      4. I will leave the presidential ticket empty and only vote for congress and senate. I will not vote for Jo Jorgensen because of the open borders issue. Unfortunately libertarian party has no candidate for my district, so I will vote GOP instead. My state is unfortunately a blue state and that's the best I can do. I do wish to punish democrats for the political summer of Sam they afforded us.

    2. I'll waste my vote on whoever I fucking want!

    3. I did a little mental calculation, as to whether my meager little vote, if even counted, should be applied towards preventing a Kamala/ Joe administration, vs. even bothering to research a candidate that I assume I would agree more with, but has no chance of winning, and would likely benefit the aforementioned catastrophe of Harris/Biden.
      Guess how that worked out.

    4. Sockpuppets, search "The Case for Voting Libertarian"
      We change the laws while the looters claw each other to change looter politicians. The LP vote is growing 80% per year on a logistic replacement curve.

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    8. Jo is just fine. But it's a pity the Mises freaks saddled her campaign with a communist anarchist for a running mate.

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  2. Sorry I don't vote for anti-racists.

    1. Just pro-racists?

      1. If you're that simple-minded then it would be best if you just sat out this election...and all of the rest of them too.

        1. I've been sitting them out for more than a decade, and guess what? My sitting them out didn't do shit.

        2. And if you're going to call someone "simple minded," at least have the ability to use commas and hyphens properly.

      2. This is trolling, pure and simple. This story has nothing to do with racism, just like the peaceful riots we've witnessed during this summer. Bringing racism into this debate is a conscientious attempt to sabotage the discussion and rise tensions.

        1. It's a joke in response to Rabbi's crack about anti-racism. Lighten up, Groucho. Maybe change your screen name if you can't detect humor?

  3. If Jorgensen could sit around the dining table of every family in America, she would be a magical being like Santa Claus, and could probably intercept everyone's mail-in-ballot, so yeah, she could win. The other 2 candidates don't have Santa Claus powers, they only promise free stuff and leave the bill to your children.

    1. Winning is shitcanning bad laws by casting spoiler votes. Whining is betraying yourself to be the 0.00000007% that LOSES on election day.

  4. Maybe some will mistake her for Flo the Progressive insurance shill.

    1. With State Farm you're in good hands. And did you know that you can save 15% or more by switching to GEICO?
      I am Groucho Marx and I approve of this message.

    2. Yes. That's where I saw her before!

  5. Get your 2024 LP primary ballots ready. Sparkle Markle may run for president.

  6. There are three ballots on the candidate and only one of them would actually shrink government. This is a no-brainer for a libertarian. Voting for Trump to own the libs is silly; Libertarians don't have the numbers to even nudge that needle. It was independents that pushed Johnson past 2%.

    I'll vote for Joe Jo, because your vote doesn't matter.

  7. I'm skipping the POTUS vote and just voting against my (D) governor and "no" on all the initiatives that grow government.

    1. I vote for the LP candidate as long as they are generally libertarian (looking at you Bob Barr). I know they won't win, but if they can take an increasing percentage of the vote nationally they will eventually have some influence even if nothing more than pushing the D's and R's towards liberty on some popular issues. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

      You should consider voting for JoJo for the same reason.

      1. You should not vote for Jo, to send a message to the LP and libertarianism. Tell them to stop wasting time and money on offices they can't win. Stop picking bad candidates.

        1. The LP isn't big enough to take your not voting for them as a message.

  8. Waste of time. Don't throw away your vote on nearly non existent parties. Liberaltarians have no principles and pimp themselves out to billionaires and lefties to get attention.

    1. As opposed to throwing away my vote to a lesser of two evils that I agree with on around 50% of the issues?

      1. I'm not throwing my vote away on the lesser of 3 evils. I'll just keep it.

    2. Libertarians who vote Republican are in some ways worse. The R’s are increasingly moving towards big government populism and you’re rubber stamping it with not so much as a whimper.

      1. If Republicans lose this election within the margin of votes that JoJo gets, it will be well deserved. But I'm sure they won't recognize that they've nearly alienated that wing of the GOP.

        1. You absolutely deserve the totalitarian marxism you're rooting for.

          1. The Democrats might bankrupt the country before the Republicans do!

            If there were a major party opposed to endless wars and blowing up budgets I'd vote for them. There isn't one.

        2. Then a Democrat win will by extension also be well-deserved.

  9. Jo has issued enough crazy statements that I'm thinking of writing in Tulsi Gabbard instead. Why does every other LP candidate think they have to woo the conspiritard vote?

    1. JoJo is at least as anti-war as Tulsi. As far as economics, Tulsi is basically a democratic socialist. Tulsi sides with libertarians on a few issues. Jo is mostly libertarian.

      A write-in candidate won't even garner enough votes to be listed in any national results. If it's a protest vote you want, a write-in candidate simply doesn't work. It would be best to boost Jo's results above 5% if possible, especially if she covers the margin of victory in swing states and actually impacts the outcome.

      1. My vote does not count, so I can protest cast it any way I want! It's not about the vote totals, it's about who I want to represent me. And quite frankly I'm sick and tired of the LP giving time of day to conspiracy nuts.

        1. You might as well stand outside your house on election day yelling "I love you Tulsi!" It might get some play on the local news, and there's a non-zero chance that Tulsi hears it and grants you a date. Win-win.

        2. All I hear you saying is that you've sold out to the Chicoms when you let the google put that mind control bat virus in your brain while your phone was listening to the pizza parlor meeting going on during Russian mail-in elector takeover, and now your mask is turning you into soy-estrogen so that the feminists can install George Soros to ensure a white-supremacist status quo...

    2. Why does every other LP candidate think they have to woo the conspiritard vote?

      Because there's a difference between Libertarians and libertarians?
      She's a Libertarian.

  10. Fuck you, you, AND you.

      1. "Mongo only (angry) pawn in game of life."

    1. Only if you wear a condom and take me out to dinner first.

  11. I do not believe in the concept of wasted votes. As far as I am concerned Jo Jo is the best candidate.

    1. Voting (for President) is a waste of time. One vote won't flip any state at all. If it did there would be a recount, and the tally would come out different.

      If you're going to waste your time voting, at least vote for the candidate you support the most, so your opinion gets tallied correctly.

      1. Find someone who is going to vote Green, and then both of you stay home and stream a movie. Much more productive.

        1. I don’t know. Is she cute?

          1. If she’s a Green voter, probably not, unless you like excessive body hair/ odor and multiple tattoos and piercings

  12. I can’t bring myself to vote for either Trump or Biden, so Jorgensen/Cohen is all I have left.

    1. Cohen seems like a ‘nice enough guy’ but 1) he’s not a libertarian, in his own words and 2) he makes libertarians look really really bad. The LP does not do a very good job of making libertarians look good. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not on purpose...

      1. True. This is the test of yellow dog libertarianism. The only way to make Jeremy the communist infiltrator look good is to compare him to the Gee-Oh-Pee or East German Dem veep candidates. Better still, ignore him and Das Boothead and not be fooled again.

  13. I’m highly skeptical of her polling at 5%. That would be amazing for the LP to get 5% nationally but how is that even possible ?
    Gary Johnson had way more exposure, was going on prime time TV (until he got Leppo'd) and had a serious following and was polling at what, 3 or 4% before election night ? Idk maybe I’m out of touch with the yutes, but I think it's just more proof polls are garbage.

    1. "Idk maybe I’m out of touch with the yutes, but I think it’s just more proof polls are garbage."

      That. I'd be surprised if she broke 1 percent nationally. Gary Johnson hit 1.0 in 2012, and 3.3 in 2016, but he had a lot more name recognition.

      5 percent? LOL, sure.

      1. For all of Gary’s shortcomings (including his traitorous running mate) he was a far superior candidate to Jorgensen. What is with the LP blowing it on VPs ?

        1. Seems like the VP slot becomes a concession to the radical element.

    2. Johnson was polling at 8 percent and one point. He ended up at 3 percent.

      I could see Jorgensen polling at 5 percent and ending up at 2 percent. A lot of people dislike Trump and think Biden is a Trojan horse for the Marxist rebellion going on.

      1. If Trump was the "not Hilary" then Biden is the "not Bernie."

      2. Two percent is a pretty generous estimate. I'll be delightfully surprised if she scores one.

    3. Third-party candidates always poll a lot better when the election is still a ways away. I want to say GJ was polling as high as 9% in 2016. The final couple of weeks of "the Bad Guy literally eats babies" headlines drive people to abandon the third parties, as a general rule.

      1. Yea okay that’s what I thought. I’m not a serious conspiracy theorist, but I have to think that had something to do with the media’s concentrated effort to find something to take him down with. Honestly he’s probably lucky it was the ‘Leppo’ moment and not something much worse. You see the lengths MSM will go to avoid using the word ‘libertarian’ except to associate it with unsavory things that have nothing to do with libertarianism like white nationalism.

        1. I have to think that had something to do with the media’s concentrated effort to find something to take him down with

          Partly. But it's also been de rigueur for campaigns to fixate on how awful and destructive the other guy is, since there hasn't been an actually appealing candidate in living memory.

          I can't tell you how many people told me in 2016 that they would have happily voted for GJ in a heartbeat except for the risk that it would contribute to Trump/Clinton winning, which just had to be stopped at any cost, even if it meant having to elect Clinton/Trump.

    4. I still don't know what a Leppo is. Some kind of French rabbit?

      1. I think I remember Harry Browne saying in an interview when asked about foreign affairs. “Well I’m for them. I’ve had several.”

    5. Johnson was polling higher than 5% at this point in the election. He was in the 7-10% range with support dwindling closer to 5% leading up to the election.

      It's not shocking that she's at 5% right now. It would be if she got that on election day though. Although if the debates are the train wreck that I expect them to be, her numbers may actually grow from here. Who knows what may happen. If Trump is anything, he's unpredictable.

      1. I think 5% is her highest outlier; most polls have had her in the 1-2% range.

        I'll call it a "win" if she breaks 1% on election day.

    6. People tend to answer polls idealistically and then vote pragmatically. It’s why we can’t buck the two party system.

    7. Gary increased LP vote share by 328%. The logistic replacement curve extrapolates out to roughly 10 to 12 million LP votes this election--assuming nobody notices the idiotic 2018 changes to the platform. Go to Mycurvefit and plug in the vote percentages for recent elections. Cassettes replaced LPs on these curves and were themselves replaced by CDs the way Whigs replaced Federalists only to be ousted by Red Republicans.

    8. Cassettes replaced vinyl no matter what the polls said. Consumers chose CDs without a second glance at what vidiots thought, then moved to digital media. Democracies are replacing kings and communism, railroads replaced canals and were themselves elbowed aside by mass-produced cars, highways and air travel. Logistic curves model these replacements, and have been at it for at least as long as the LP has existed. In fact, personal computers and web came along AFTER the LP, enabling us to model these curves at mycurvefit.com

  14. There might be enough misfits and malcontents -- especially disaffected, downscale, males -- to get Jorgensen to three percent this time.

    Break out the non-alcohol, off-brand champagne!

    1. I'm a malcontent male, but definitely not downscale. I'll be voting for Jorgensen. (Can I say "I'm with her"?)

      1. This election standing up for white women is racist.

          1. BLM!!! VOTE BIDEN!

            (Actually saw those two signs together in a front window of a house yesterday)

            1. Translation: "Don't loot me scary black people, I'm voting for the guy I think you like"

              1. Shorter translation of translation: "I’m woke"

    2. The Rev is a Jorgensen voter...Who knew?

    3. “There might be enough misfits and malcontents — especially disaffected, downscale, males — to get Jorgensen to three percent this time.”

      Aren’t aggrieved downscale males Trump’s base?

    4. Do you promise to share your salty salty tears when Trump inevitably wins again?

  15. I don't understand how Jo manages to sound so boring in print. Where the hell is Spike anyway?

  16. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, your vote shouldn't be tossed aside lightly, it should be thrown with great force. I'm throwing my vote away on Trump so that the party full of rabid raccoons doesn't get to it.

    1. I have basically followed your logic to vote for the GOP candidate in most elections from 2000-2012. Since 2016 though, I have come to realize that my vote really doesn’t matter anyway now that Virginia has been taken over by the rabid raccoons and Trump has been the best recruiting tool they could ever have dreamed of. So my choices are not to vote at all, or do what I can to help the party whose views I most agree with. It’s also fun to pick write ins like Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck for the senate and congress races since there are no libertarians running.

  17. Don't forget the Constitution Party - check to see if your state allows you to vote for them!


    They don't have enough states to make up an electoral college majority, but if they capture all the states where they can get votes, they would certainly throw the election into the House of Representatives, so there's that.

  18. Interesting that on her website she says:
    “The federal government gives about $15 billion annually to oil and coal companies. And this doesn’t even include the cheap public land leases that disproportionately go to these companies. This is nothing but corporate welfare.”

    Wow. Around here it’s been argued oil doesn’t get subsidies. Not sure Nick can back her now.

    But it’s also interesting that on her website under environment, she doesn’t even mention climate change. As if it doesn’t exist. Now that’s an attitude that’ll go far at Reason. Because science...not a libertarians strong suit.

  19. The only thing the Libertarian Party has ever accomplished is to help elect left-wing Democrats. I detest Trump and didn't vote for him in 2016, but I am definitely voting for him this year. The stakes are just too great. If Biden wins, the Democrats will definitely take control of the Senate which means they will enact most of Bernie Sanders' & Elizabeth Warren's insane agenda that will doom the USA to becoming a stagnant European-style social welfare state. A vote for Jorgenson is a vote for statist collectivism.

    1. I'll wait with bated breath for the NYT headline: "tc's vote swings the presidential election."

    2. Are you in a state Trump has a chance of winning? If not, you’re wasting your vote and should vote for Jo.

    3. The LP covered the gap in 13 states swinging sth like 90 electoral votes. In the popular vote we got 4 million (=State of VA). The Don beat the Warmunist but not in the popular vote. Jo does not want to ban electricity OR copping a buzz, so the economy is better off the more votes she gets.

  20. Gary Johnson's high water mark for polling was around 10%. He ended up getting just under 5 mil votes.

    So in reality, Jorgensen (whose nickname could be "the gentle wombat") is polling at 1% and will likely get around 2 mil votes, if not less. Larry Elder has more twitter followers than Jorgensen.

    LP is not interested in winning. I detect no urgency and enthusiasm on their part to seize on the momentum created by Johnson (taking note on what worked or what didn't) and make some inroads. They just seem content to have pushed out a ideologically pure candidate who has the same messaging and same demeanor as the candidate before him or her.

    The LP is a champion of free market, but they make no adjustments on their products and remain inactive as consumer interest starts to rise. Why is that?

    1. What worked in 2016 was having two former GOP governors on the LP ticket that gave some assurance to voters that once, at least, these two guys weren't some crazy anarchists. XM, do you think the LP should keep finding and running retread Republicans?

      1. What worked in 2016 was having two former GOP governors on the LP ticket that gave some assurance to voters that once, at least, these two guys weren’t some crazy anarchists.

        Yeah - I think that's a big part of it. JoJo seems nice and all, but her resume is non-existent from a 'public service' perspective. Johnson and Weld had real experience governing and came off as centrists. People see "Libertarian Psych Professor" and go "oh - cooky dilettante."

      2. There are any number of Republicans (maybe not retreads) who would have been a better candidate than Jorgensen.

        Amash flirted with running and then polls showed that he took away votes from Biden. And he was a flop even among libertarians.

    2. Amen, the Libertarian Party is too much about ideological philosophy and not enough about getting some more libertarian minded people elected to the house and senate. Need to move the needle in our direction a little at a time. There will be no Libertarian purist wave election.

      1. The LP will defeat enough Prohibitionists, Girl-bulliers, anti-energy Luddites and lampreys to force the entrenched looters to change their platforms and laws. That's winning!

  21. Fuck jojo, and fuck marxism

    1. See? The mystical bigots are sweating blood already.

  22. If you're a non-Democrat Party voter in Oregon, California, Washington, New York, etc, your vote is wasted anyway. My state will always go D no matter who is on the ballot. I'll vote for the Libertarian candidate, but until we get a viable Libertarian 3rd party at the national level with some real traction, it's a futile effort. The 2 dominant parties won't let outsiders in.

  23. Voting for anyone other than President Trump puts our entire Constitutional Republic in serious jeopardy. He might not be the superior candidate, he's the ONLY candidate, if you want to preserve our nation as designed by the Founding Fathers.

    1. You should get together with Bayardw, with lots of liquor and weaponry.

    1. Don't we all.

      1. not really, just her

    2. Jo on Twitter:
      Jo Jorgensen @Jorgensen4POTUS Jul 10
      It is not enough to be passively not racist, we must be actively anti-racist.
      #BlackLivesMatter #VoteGold

      If you're *not* a fan of racist Marxism, maybe this is an election to withhold your vote from the shiny new racist Marxist "Libertarian" Party.


  24. Voting for a Libertarian isn't exactly a wasted effort. But it is a vote for the democrat because conservative beliefs more closely match the Libertarian party members. Many Libertarians vote GOP in close races because they cannot stand the thought of another democrat administration.

    1. So coathanger abortions Irish voters rejected by a 2/3 margin after 30 years, shooting kids over plant leaves, meddling in foreign elections, bombing the other side of the planet are the new libertarian? Where in the platform did you find those?

  25. I live in a blue state. A vote for either Trump or Biden is wasted, because Biden is going to win no matter what. So I’m voting Jo. Same if I lived in a state that’s a lock for Trump. The only situation that would give me a moment’s pause is if I lived in a state that could go either way.

    1. It is precisely in the 13 battleground states that LP votes delivered the most law-changing clout. Both looter parties will squeal like stuck pigs at the thought of losing a hand in the till or snout in the trough. Their terror at the thought of the sort of honest work we take for granted is what gives us leverage. Most libertarian candidates I know want the laws to change--rather than for them to be penned up with a bunch of disgusting, hateful, pathetic looters. The Dems had sense enough to rewrite their platform after coughing up blood.

  26. Let's see how well she does in Maine, with its ranked choice voting. Are they going to keep records of, and make public, how many people picked each candidate as their first choice?

    1. The purpose of changing to gauntlet voting is to poniard LP candidates. It only became popular when our vote share shifted to growing at 80% per year. It's another socialist fraud resorted to in desperation by The Kleptocracy. Once we have 50% of the vote, it'll go away.

  27. Voting for a Libertarian isn’t exactly a wasted effort. But it is a vote for the democrat because conservative beliefs more closely match the Libertarian party members.

  28. No, I won't vote for someone who tweeted in support of "anti-racism", which is a collectivist, socialist, and totalitarian ideology.

    No one who is an actual libertarian would, either, unless they were so utterly stupid they acted purely on the movement's self-chosen label without first going, "Hey, before I praise a movement, maybe I should discover what it actually advocates, not just what it calls itself."

    1. So libertarians are “pro-racism”?

      1. Only in the same sense that Democrats are "anti-life".

      2. Racism is communistese for racial collectivism. Surely you don't expect them to call it what it is?

  29. You made such an interesting piece to read, giving every subject enlightenment for us to gain knowledge. Thanks for sharing the such information with us to read this...thanks

  30. Who are her supporters? Idealistic morons, being fed propaganda by leftist operatives to siphon votes from the right.

    The dnc platform is so profoundly antilibertarian that any rational libertarian should be flying Trump flags just to prevent the socialistic horror of a Biden-Harris administration.

    1. Beautiful no true Scotsman fallacy!

      1. maybe you should try understanding what a 'no true Scotsman' fallacy actually is before mis-attributing it

      2. As expanded upon by George Orwell in "Through a Glass, Rosily." I dunno which I prefer as adversaries, superstitious fascists or illiterate communists... but I'm willing to settle for either or both.

    2. Well I suppose that makes me an “idealistic moron” then. I like that actually.

      Anyone who does not vote for Donald Trump is a moron. A comment like that makes me feel a lot better about my choice.

    3. What is libertarian about Trump?

      Maybe real libertarians are upset that you have trashed their reputation forever by insisting they align with that malignant authoritarian shitsack.

      But oh no at least he won't make you be polite to trans people.

    4. How cuuuute! Another National Socialist scolding those awful libertarians for delivering blonde, rosy-tits christian altruism into the stewpots of the darker races! It's 2008 all over again, just without the prohibitionist asset-forfeiture Crash and Depression! Either that or 1932 all over again...

  31. In talking with friends about when they got their mail-in ballots, the first thing everyone said was "Kanye West is on this?"

    Republicans are good at cheating elections, not so good at knowing what identity politics actually is. "They'll never get Barbara Lagoa, she's Latina and you can't criticize them it's identity politics! Got 'em!" and "The blacks are so fucking stupid they'll vote for Kanye West for president because he's black--if they manage to find their polling place, the dumb fucks." I guess policy that appeals to black voters is off the table considering how much of the inbred racist vote they'd lose.

    GOP: The most libertarian party ever.

  32. Or a SJW posing as a libertarian.

  33. I agree with a lot of the Libertarian agenda. But, the U.S. must have a global military presence. The U.S. has too many interests around the world to have its troops on U.S. soil.

    And legalizing drugs scares me to no end. One of the reasons why my teenager abhors drug use is the fact that possession of so many of them is a crime. Plus, my grandmother belonged to the WCTU. When it comes to drugs, alcohol, and gaming, I slowly drift into early 20th Century Protestant morals.

  34. So that’s her rationale why I should waste my vote on her?

    1. Te repeal moronic laws and increase freedom.

  35. Can you use the coercive political paradigm to promote a voluntary politics, e.g., can you initiate violence to promote a civil society? Ask anyone who has studied all the hundreds of bloody revolts all over the world. Faces change, not the politics of violence.
    Voting is authorizing an elite to use their monopoly of violence. I'm an advocate of a voluntary means of govt. based in reason, rights, choice, therefore I don't vote. If you vote, you forfeit your sovereignty to a ruling elite; you put your life in their hands; you are authorizing your own slavery and mine. Don't pretend to be free or safe or practical. History shows you are none of those. And, finally, you are not my friend our your own.

    1. Aside from the fact that your (or anyone else) one vote will not make a bit of difference, you will still get a government whether you "forfeit your sovereignty" or not. You might as well vote.

  36. Jorgensen: "Don't waste your vote on Trump or Biden. Waste it on me instead."

  37. I would NEVER vote for someone who supports BLM.

    1. Who said BLM? While you were watching I Love Lucy reruns the rest of us were supporting the Hong Kong protesters. Why are sockpuppets such puñeteros?

  38. Just don't vote. It is all a sham anyway. I would love to see some politician claim a mandate from the voters with one vote, their own!

    1. Roughly 80% of the commentariat are looter sockpuppets of the various socialist persuasions. If the Libertarian vote weren't even now deciding America's future policies, they'd be bullying girls at women's clinics, setting fire to buildings or ringing doorbells to see homeowners stamp on a flaming paper bag full of shitlord. The idea of individual rights replacing altruist collectivism makes them bleed internally. That plus inbred hemophilia rates and the law-changing clout their cowardice bestows on our spoiler votes make voting and donating to small LPs worthwhile.

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  41. The best I can tell she has not run one negative ad.

    That alone should get her some votes.

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