Remy has thoughts about liquidity too. Financial liquidity.

Parody of Cardi B's "WAP," featuring Megan Thee Stallion, written and performed by Remy; music tracks and mastering by Ben Karlstrom; video produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg.

Image credits:
Illustration | 19414606 | © Iqoncept |
Illustration | 103919530 | © Gill Thompson |


I said certified free.
Seven days a week.
Fed Asst'd Printing
Make that currency weak

You want a wall in your backyard?
Extra large and extra hard?
But you ain't got the cash to pay?
Just use that press like a credit card

Grow that debt, print that cash
It's like a tax that never passed
You want wars that never end?
Man, this beats funding them like that

You want a bridge? You want a bomb?
You want a check sent out to Tom?
We're gonna park this big Mack truck
Right in your fiscal garage

Let's be frank, check is blank
From our secret central bank
I don't cut, I don't think
But let me tell you how I got this tank

Gotta be hard to beat monetary sovereignty
Inflate that cash until it turns into Monopoly
Qualitative Easing executed properly
Cuz I'm well-versed in Modern Monetary policy

Spending cuts!? Baby are you kidding me?
Print some one', then make a facsimile
I'm just like Drake, can't you see?
Turning M1 into M3

I got POMO FOMO and I don't see what the harm is
Applying downward pressure in the capital markets
Buying troubled assets and we're not stopping
They're more excited than Prince Andrew at a Hot Topic

Printing press, I'm impressed, is a big loaner
So the debt's now looking like a big grower
Now to see the spike you don't need a decoder
(It's got a hook in it, hopefully it leans over)

So if adult decisions make you shudder
Don't call your mom, call your brother
Cuz there ain't no kind of trouble
That can't be fixed by a bubble

So bring your Mac, add some stacks
To the Fed Asst'd Printing
We bought a drone just for pictures
With some Fed Asst'd Printing
Bought his tuition, this addition
All from Fed Asst'd Printing
To make it rain all you're needing
Is some Fed Asst'd Printing