Remy: Violent Video Games

In prison, Remy looks back on how he went astray.


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In prison for life, Remy looks back on his violent past and contemplates where it all went wrong who's to blame.

Written and Performed by Remy
Shot and Edited by Austin Bragg and Meredith Bragg
Mastering by Ben Karlstrom
Music tracks by Grind Time Production Squad

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In the clink
In the slammer
Yeah I'm doing hard time
For a crime that I committed
Back in 2009

See violent games lead to crimes
Wish I knew from the start
Before I ever got involved
In playing Mario Kart

I was hugging the turns
Heaving items for thrills
Ain't seen a toad so damaged by shell
Since that last oil spill

But something happens to your brain
Doing virtual wrongs
Woke up the next morning
And it wasn't too long before I was

Dropping bananas
Upon every street
Hurling turtles
Hurting every single person I see

Then I was road-raging at plumbers
Nobody could stop me
I'd run princesses off the road so much
I joined the paparazzi

Now I'm in prison doing 20 to life
How could such a game be legal man
The danger is rife

Well my fate is sealed
Won't be doing right
Because I'm playing violent video games tonight
And the things I do
I then do in life
It's a tragedy I'm gonna be in jail for life

Reminds me of another time
My life went astray
Playing a World War 2 game
Back in 2008

I was only playing a minute
Then I felt an unease
Next thing I did right after playing
I interred the Japanese

Years later I would pay the judges
To win every race
It's just what happens when you play
Too many games by EA

Now I'm doing life
With no chance of parole
Why didn't anybody ban these games
How was I to know


Expert here
And forgive me for stalling
But violent video games
The stats are appalling

Just look at this graph
And as you can tell
As gameplay's increased
Youth crime has as well

Uh—It's gone down
Well who needs a chart?
I took 400 grand in loans
So you know that I'm smart

Like a guy leaving the mohel
You're missing the point
Freedom's when you only get to play
The games we anoint