Reason's Secret Recipe for Nutrient-Rich Coverage of the Trump Era

Combine investigative reporting, interviews & exposes, a brand-new daily podcast, and award-winning videos that get copied by other outfits...


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Austin & Meredith Bragg, Reason

Warning: Our actual recipe for covering politics in the coming year doesn't actually include eggs (cage-free, of course), milk (raw and unpasteurized), poultry (no left or right wings, thank you very much), Fruit Loops, and booze.

Instead, we'll be combining investigative reporting; a commitment to "Free Minds and Free Markets"; in-depth interviews with friends and foes; a brand-spanking-new daily podcast (subscribe for free!); and award-winning videos that inspire other outfits to follow suit (watch this from us in 2013, read this from Rolling Stone in 2014, and then watch this from Vice's Weediquette in 2016).

Since 1968, when we began as a humble mimeographed magazine, Reason has broken the mold of tired left-right politics and provided a radically alternative way of thinking about politics, culture, and ideas—one that says all of us should be the authors of our own lives, planners of our own destinies, and masters of our own domains. As important, we're not only giving you a heads-up about really bad government policies and actions that threaten to limit our freedom, we're showing the ways in which people all over the world are using human ingenuity and technological innovation to create the world they want NOW. From printing 3D guns to making the moral case for free trade to showing how amateur filmmakers are building on legendary franchises such as Star Trek, you'll read about it, watch it, or hear about first at Reason.

Over the past 12 months, Reason.com averaged 4 million monthly visits and Reason TV videos doubled their audience, pulling more than 2 million views here, at Facebook, and at YouTube. With a small but dedicated staff, we publish thousands of words every day at Reason.com and covered the ups-and-downs of the Libertarian Party presidential campaign like nobody else. We are your voice for libertarian ideas in the media, appearing on thousands of TV and radio shows, making the case for maximum human freedom and minimal government.

We love what we do—and we can't do it without your help. That's why we're hosting our annual webathon through Tuesday, December 6. We're asking readers of this site to make tax-deductible donations in dollars and Bitcoin to Reason Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes our award-winning journalism in video, audio, and print form.

Different giving levels come with different levels of swag:

$100 Reason magazine sub (includes print or digital) {digital includes access to archives of 46 years of Reason Magazine} Receive invitations to Reason events in your area.

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$10,000 All of the above & 2 tickets to Reason Weekend for 1st time attendees.

The 2016 election was about the weirdest campaign in history, pitting two manifestly unpopular candidates against one another, with neither one being able to win in a convincing fashion. Historically low numbers of Americans identify as Republican and Democrat, and more of us are libertarian than ever before. The coming year will be a hinge point for America, one where reactionaries on the right and left will try to maintain the same policies and mind-sets that have brought us a decade of anemic economic growth, endless war and surveillance, and an inability to define a positive, open-ended future. In such a world, Reason's journalism—print, online, video, and audio—has never been more vital or needed. With your (tax-deductible!) support, we will be whipping up tasty, nutritious feasts for the mind and the body.

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