#Techstyle: 3D Printing, Customization, and the Future of Fashion

New exhibit at Boston Museum of Fine Arts showcases the promise of technology and fashion.


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"We are in an extremely individualistic age of fashion," explains Michelle Finamore, curator of Fashion Arts at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and co-curator of the current exhibit, #Techstyle. The exhibit showcases and celebrates the fusion of contemporary fashion and technology, a relationship Finamore believes will produce an explosion of personal expression through customization.

She points to the rise of digital printing as a prime example of fashion's move towards personalization. "There are already a number of websites [where you can] chose the images that you want to wear on your body. That is quite amazing. If you look at our Cute Circuit dress that is embedded with micro-LEDs, you can chose the imagery that is going to appear on your garment. So there is this incredible freedom of expression, this amazing creativity that you are going to be able to achieve in the future."

Featuring revolutionary fabrics, coats that charge your cellphone, and custom-fitted 3D-printed dresses, #Techstyles previews a world transformed through cutting-edge technology.

It runs through July 11, 2016.

Produced by Meredith Bragg. About 3 minutes.

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