Reason's Nick Gillespie & Lisa Snell Call Bullsh*t on Public Education Abuses

Plastic surgery for teachers, crumbling school buildings, drug tests for choir girls, Pop-Tart guns...


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"Our current system is failing parents, it's failing taxpayers and especially it's failing students," says Reason TV's Editor in Chief, Nick Gillespie, who joined Reason Foundation's Director of Education and Child Welfare, Lisa Snell, at Reason's Los Angeles headquarters to give a talk on public education abuses.

Gillespie points out that education in America is out of step with the libertarian moment or "a time of increasingly hyper-individualized, hyper-expanded choice over every aspect of our lives…a world where it's more possible than ever to live your life on your own terms." But, he points school choice pushes education one step closer to that hyper-individualized world:

School choice allows us to individualize our kids' education just as we increasingly individualize so many aspects of our own lives, from racial and gender affiliation to where and who we work to what sorts of movies, music, and food we produce and consume.

The beginnings of this life may have already been felt as the internet expands its focus.

"Right now […] you can teach yourself almost anything online [and] you can find someone who has developed a curriculum and in many cases for free," says Snell. "And that is definitely going to have an impact on the future of education."

The talk in L.A. was a part of National School Choice Week, a celebration of charters, private , public, and online education for kids and their parents across the United States.

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