Cops Shutdown Jerry Seinfeld; What's Up with Lemonade Stands? (Nanny of the Month, Aug '15)


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Well, this is it—after six years, Nanny of the Month is packing it in, but not before one last hurrah!

Growing vegetables, selling Chipotle burritos, photoshopping models, feeding the homeless, wearing naughty beige yoga pants, and engaging in consensual sex—over the years busybodies have been itching to bust you for all those crimes.

But for the very last episode we head to the Hamptons for a story that highlights why we may be completely and utterly doomed.

Here's the deal: A cop shut down a lemonade stand. Yeah, we've heard that story enough times we almost forget to be outraged, but in this case the lemonade stand was run by Jerry Seinfeld and his son.

In other words, celebrity—the one force that could plausibly be strong enough to overpower our control-freak culture—got squeezed like an overripe eureka in a gorilla cage.

84 seconds.

Nanny of the Month is written and produced by Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker). Edited by R. Campopiano.

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