GOP Debate: The Rap

Remy tries to out-Republican the candidates in last night's Fox News debate.


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Remy tries to out-Republican the candidates in last night's Fox News debate.

Approximately 1:30 minutes.

Written and performed by Remy. Music mastered by Ben Karlstrom. Video by Meredith Bragg.

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If you were lyin' any more
a dentist would shoot you
that's not what you said before
I seen it on YouTube

"Life Begins At Conception?"
You sure do flip-flop a lot
Check out his bumper sticker
I took this in the parking lot

See I'm building a wall
I've prayed in a steeple
My daddy was poor
I've hugged lots of sad people

Paid off my student debts
I swear I ain't faking
My Jesus tattoo's got
a tattoo of Reagan

Vlad Putin's a danger
it ain't just his vanity
We need to push him back a little
like they did with Sean Hannity

He's being aggressive
just like I've been telling it
Putin ain't been this dangerous
since Bill Cosby was selling it

China hacking our servers?
the solution ain't tough
we just fill all of our servers
with some pictures of butts

You think he's tough on China?
well that's a weak vetting
I'll be so tough on China
you'll think you're at a Greek wedding

cuz the defit's high
the debt is the same
we're spending money like an Arab
at Armani Exchange

yeah just look at this graph
because it ain't getting better, yo
wait, these are the ratings for
the new Caitlin Jenner show

See I'm a Christian man
you know how it is
when God opens a window
he closes a bridge

and what do I do for fun?
Golf despite my back hurting
Go to Bernie Sanders rallies
and try to find a black person

It's like I'm Jared from Subway
sometimes I–oh.