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Can You Fix the World with $75 Billion?

Bjorn Lomborg has some really good ideas he'd like to share with you.


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Can you fix the world with $75 billion? If not, what do you fix first? Bjørn Lomborg—a Danish writer, Copenhagen Business School adjunct professor, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, and former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen—speaks to Reason Weekend attendees about solving the world's problems.

He lists 10 challenges the world faces—including armed conflicts, climate change, and hunger and malnutrition—and then suggests a practical approach by setting personal preferences aside and prioritizing in order to get "the biggest bang for your buck."

Lomborg thus prioritizes these issues by the cost effectiveness of investments into solving each one, and provides thoughtful insight into creating the most efficient allocation of resources toward easing the world's problems.

Camera by Paul Feine and Zach Weismueller. Edited by Carlos Gutierrez

About 38 minutes.

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