Remy: Romney, Obama, and Binders Full of Chicks (The Election 2012 Rap)


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Remy explains how Obama or Romney can win his vote.

"Romney, Obama, & Binders Full of Chicks" is one of a series of collaborations between Remy and Reason TV. To watch more, you can find the entire playlist here.

Approximately 90 seconds. Music by Remy. Video produced by Meredith Bragg.

More from Reason on the 2012 Election.

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Got binders full of chicks
got binders full of chicks
come and catch me on the flip
with my binder full of chicks

When it comes to politics
there's just one thing that I wish
don't mean nothing to me cousin
I got binders full of chicks

20 million out of work?
I don't give a doo doo
I be checking fantasy
and watching Honey Boo Boo

Talking the economy?
to me that's just a big word
try and wake me up
when we talking about Big Bird

Bayonets and horses
papers from divorces
person with the fewest gaffes
that's who I'm endorsing

Trillion dollar deficits?
That don't sound pedantic
only thing that interests me, baby


what's that, a horse competition?
Don't care about that
or the rising cost of tuition

Only stuff I care about is
saying things out of whack
"Voting is the best revenge"
I'm-a tweet the hell out of that

So the next time you're gonna
send me policy robo calls, uh,
maybe you should be aiming,
I don't know, little smaller

Cuz when I pick up a paper
the only news that I'm treasuring–
did anyone use "binder"
as a unit of measurement