Short Skirts and Bear Markets: An Interview with Stock Market Analyst Robert Prechter


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"At some point I think we are going to see people hate stocks and say they will never buy a plot of land again for the rest of their lives," says author and stock market analyst Robert Prechter, "and it will be one of the greatest buying opportunities of all time."

Reason magazine's Matt Welch sat down with Prechter at FreedomFest 2012 to discuss the stock market, socionomics, and how hemlines can explain and predict economic booms and busts.

Held each July in Las Vegas, FreedomFest is attended by around 2,000 limited-government enthusiasts and libertarians a year. ReasonTV spoke with over two dozen speakers and attendees and will be releasing interviews over the coming weeks. For an ever-growing playlist, go here now:

About 10 minutes.

Camera by Tracy Oppenheimer and Alex Manning; edited by Sharif Matar.