Cato's David Lampo: Why the GOP Should Embrace Gay Rights


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"In most cases, rank-and-file Republicans are already pro-gay rights," says David Lampo, publications director at the libertarian Cato Institute and the author of the new book, A Fundamental Freedom: Why Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians Should Support Gay Rights.

Despite the influence in the party of social conservatives and the Religious Right, Lampo argues that if Republicans actually followed their own rhetoric about limiting the size and scope of government, they would be able to attract gay and lesbian voters who otherwise vote Democratic. An active member of Virginia's Log Cabin Republicans, Lampo believes the party's acceptance of marriage equality is inevitable given the huge social gains gays have made in recent decades. 

About 5.46 minutes. Interview by Nick Gillespie. Camera by Meredith Bragg and Joshua Swain; edited by Swain.

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