"When people come here, it's not a matter of whether or not they're going to have a hangover, it's just a matter of how bad it's going to be," says Dr. Jason Burke, anesthesiologist and founder of Hangover Heaven.

Based in Las Vegas, Hangover Heaven roams the strip treating partygoers with IVs on a decked-out charter bus. Dr. Burke uses a combination of vitamins, magnesium and calcium to rehydrate patients and get toxins out of their systems after countless hours of drinking.  

"This is really innovative, individualized healthcare that meets a very direct need," says ReasonTV's Kennedy. Kennedy subjected herself to excessive amounts of alcohol in order to properly assess the IV treatment.

"I'm feeling great," Kennedy said after a few minutes of drip therapy. The basic treatment costs $99 and takes about 45 minutes. Dr. Burke also accepts reservations in advance.

"We probably already have 40 people reserved for this coming weekend," says Burke.

For more about Hangover Heaven, read Greg Beato's article here.

Written and produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Shot by Alex Manning and Oppenheimer.

About 3 minutes.

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