"It's not Republican, it's not Democrat. Honestly, it's not liberal, it's not conservative … It's economics," says Economist Art Laffer. "If you tax people who work and you pay people who don't work, don't be surprised when you get a lot of people not working."

Laffer is the founder of supply side economics, the namesake of the "Laffer curve" and the author of the new book, Eureka! How to Fix California. He sat down with Reason.com's managing editor, Tim Cavanaugh at the offices of the Orange County Register, to talk about why Texas has a better tax structure than California, the power of public employee unions and what he really thinks of California governor Jerry Brown.

Approximately 7:03

Shot by Zach Weissmuller and Sharif Matar. Edited by Matar and Paul Detrick

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