Can a White Libertarian Man Represent Chinatown in Congress?


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Meet Dan O'Connor, a self-described libertarian Democrat who wants to represent New York's District 12—which includes Chinatown and parts of Queens and Brooklyn—in Congress.

O'Connor spent six years living in China, so he feels a connection to the inhabitants of Manhattan's Chinatown, who he says share his views that taxes and regulations on businessess are too high, immigration laws too onerous, and school-choice programs too small. Those positions play well in the rest of the district across the East River too, he says. So does his belief that defense spending should be cut and troops brought home, that the Federal Reserve should be audited, and that politicians should be term-limited. Indeed, should O'Connor manage to unseat the Democractic incumbent, Nydia Velazquez, in September's primary, he's pledged to serve no more than four terms.

O'Connor faces an uphill struggle, for sure. Reason's Matt Welch spoke with him at last summer's FreedomFest in Las Vegas, and his ideas are striking for their uniqueness among office seekers calling themselves Democrats. This interview in no way represents an endorsement, but there's no doubt O'Connor is an interesting character with whom to spend a few minutes.

His website is here.

About 4 minutes. Shot by Jim Epstein and Zach Weissmueller and edited by Joshua Swain.

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