"Right now the US visa immigration system does not allow for entrepreneurs [from overseas] to come here and test out their ideas and create the new jobs and create the new companies of tomorrow," says Blueseed co-founder Max Marty, "its system was designed for a bygone era."

Marty believes that his seasteading venture Blueseed "is the solution to a problem" created by the archaic U.S. visa system, which he and co-founder Dario Mutabdizja say is starving Silicon Valley of the best and brightest international entrepreneurs.

As a "visa-free technology incubator for startups" situated on a ship 12 miles off the coast of Silicon Valley, Blueseed aims to be the "Googleplex of the Sea," a vibrant workplace for innovative industries to bloom, unencumbered by onerous regulations on new technology-sector businesses. The project has attracted investors such as Paypal co-founder, venture capitalist and noted libertarian Peter Thiel (who once made an early investment in a little startup company called Facebook).

About 2.30 minutes. Produced By Anthony L. Fisher. Interview by Julian Morris.

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