Uploaded by AThugStory on Dec 12, 2011

"Supply & Demand: A Thug Story" This song was created to enter the Supply and Demand Video Contest sponsored by Fayetteville State University's Hackley Endowment.

Supply and Demand: You probably hated it in school, but that's because you never heard it like this before.

Yo, let me tell you about supply and demand//
Yeah, it's something that can't be centrally planned//
As individuals pursue their own values and lives//
Spontaneity is how society survives//

You see the market process tends toward equilibrium//
Even in a world where decisions swing like pendulums//
Order out of chaos leads toward our end goal//
Achieving coordination for the economy as a whole//

So join us, let's go for a ride//
Into a world where supply & demand preside//
Consumers expressin' preferences without exhausts//
Producers calculatin' opportunity costs//

Let's say you wanna go buy some jewelry//
You better come with dough and without that foolery//
'Cuz, prices will fall, prices will rise//
To signal scarcity that we compromise//

But, what if the price of that chain is too high?//
Do we implement ceilings so that everyone can buy?//
Conversely, at a lower cost everyone will demand//
Somethin' the producers are just unwilling to hand//

See, if you don't allow rent prices to increase//
Coordination is destroyed and we're left without peace//
Applications & fees will soar in their prices//
Rationing leads to usin' non-monetary devices//
For example discrimination, long lines//
Hah, y'all know how black market alternatives shine//

Short-term solutions can be attractive for a while//
But when things get outta whack, fixin' them can beguile//

And when the price is set at infinity and infinity//

Executive, judicial, & legislative…you know, the holy trinity//
Tries to remove as factors, all of the market actors//
Leading to production of defective goods from various manufacturers//
Prohibition creates black markets//
Crips and bloods, thugs, the po' get hit the hardest//
Violence amongst factions for territory and action//
Disputes ain't settled in courts but with white chalk on the sidewalk//

So don't blame the market when things go wrong//
Instead, you oughtta think back to the words of this song//
Look first to see if there's government interference//
Ceilings and floors for prices, prohibition or planned adherence//
All of these destroy coordination and incentives//
This is Econ 101 for my knowledge seeking brethren//