DORIANELECTRA on Oct 13, 2011

More Adventures in Economics! The sequel to "I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek!"
Original song by Dorian Electra
Instrumental Track by Will Schorre
Directed by Christopher Minor and Neil Lokken
Assistant Director: Clara Lee


Here's a little somethin' bout a girl like me
I demand to understand the economy
And I gotta couple questions, been sittin' on my mind
So let's sit down, take the time, to review line by line

How can you roll with the flow you can't foresee?
How can you let go control and let it be?
How can you roll with the flow you can't foresee?
How can you let go control, leave people free?

Roll with the flow

Each one of us makes choices based on knowledge that's unique
Circumstance of time and place, preferences and taste all shape
When and where and what we buy and sell from week to week
Collectively, these choices make up "the economy"

"Economic growth" to me, a mystery
"GDP?" "GNP?" It's really killin' me

By what means do we measure wealth,
a major indicator of economic health?


Alright, here it goes:

Wealth is what is valued and value is subjective
What one values depends on one's perspective
One man's trash is another man's treasure
One man's pain is another man's pleasure
One man's work is another man's leisure
All things you must remember before you start to measure

Can someone please assist me
in becoming a good economist?

My buddy Bastiat, has given me a key
He says the bad economist looks only at the obvious
That which can be perceived immediately
Looks only at the first effects Ignores all further consequences

Every choice has opportunity costs
Choosing one thing comes at the cost of your next best alternative

You can spend in one direction and say it's peachy keen
But alas you have forgotten that which is not seen
Sure, if you break my window the Glassman gets some dough
Where would that cash have gone? Had that window not been broke…
Instead of to the Shoeman, now I can't buy those shoes. That's the cost of destruction, and someone's gotta loose

We could produce guns, for a disaster war
Or we could use funds for what they're best used for
Who knows what "best" is? No one mind knows best for sure
Where does this leave us? Left up to each one of ya'll

Oh, can someone please assist? I wanna be, I wanna be a good economist, economist, economist

Keynes, he won't stop callin' he keep blowin' up my phone
He wants to teach me something and he won't leave me alone
I tell him there's no use in tryin' 'cause Friedrich Hayek is my guy and
If you wanna get with a girl like me you got to let go control of the economy (x2)