Lee Doren—Author of "Please Enroll Responsibly" and How the World Works


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Lee Doren is a former think tanker who now runs the YouTube channel How the World Works. He's also taken to digital self-publishing; his first ebook, Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College, was released in August.

Doren has described the book as a "helmet for higher education," and says he was inspired to write it by emails from parents and students asking him how to deal with an overtly progressive college faculty.

Doren also describes the creation of How the World Works, which he started in 2008. Since then, his series of two-minute videos about his political and economic beliefs has garnered 36,000 subscribers and invitations to speak to a variety of web and broadcast news outlets.

Interview by Reason's Nick Gillespie Shot and edited by Joshua Swain.

About 4.14 minutes long.

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