FreedomFest is the biggest annual conference for libertarians, held in July in Las Vegas. About 2,000 believers in free minds and free markets came out to see featured speakers such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), former New Mexico governor and Republican presidential hopeful Gary Johnson, Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey, Fox Business' Judge Andrew Napolitano, PayPal founder Peter Thiel, and many more.

This year's conference also featured Reason Day, a lineup of presentations from David Nott, Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, Lisa Snell, Anthony Randazzo, Harris Kenny, Adam Summers, and others affiliated with Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website.

In coming weeks, will have loads of content from the event, including interviews with Fox News Channel commentator Juan Williams, political consultant Dick Morris, author George Gilder, investment guru and radio host Peter Schiff, the Cato Institute's David Boaz, and many more. So stay tuned!

"What We Saw at FreedomFest 2011" was produced by Jim Epstein and Zach Weissmueller.

Approximately 2.30 minutes.

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