Carmageddon or Lameageddon? Billion Dollar Project Isn't Apocalyptic After All


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Did you hear about Carmageddon? It turns out the apocalyptic shutdown of the nation's busiest freeway, the 405, wasn't apocalyptic at all.

Media hyped the billion dollar construction project for weeks, claiming it could "back up traffic as much as 64 miles," and politicians blunted told constituents, "Stay the hell away from the 405." But none of the predictions about a Carmageddon came true.

Instead we found politicians ready to sing the praises of the newly added carpool lane and teardown of the Mulholland Bridge (Including an exclusive interview with Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa). We also found Angelenos skeptical that the project would actually alleviate traffic.

Written and Produced by Paul Detrick.

About 3:30 minutes.

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